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Alexis Bellino Is Engaged! Meet Her Fiancé Andy Bohn

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Alexis Bellino

Real Housewife of Orange County alum, Alexis Bellino, is engaged!

Bellino and her future husband and fiance, Andy Bohn, shared to Instagram that they both found one great thing out of 2020, and it was each other. 

“One good thing actually came out of 2020. Yes, @acbohnz. I’m all YOURS. #engaged,” said Bellino on her Instagram. 

The engagement comes after almost two years of dating Bohn and two years after 43-year-old Bellino's divorce from ex-husband of 13 years, 58-year-old Jim Bellino. 

The world found out about Bellino's new boyfrien after Bellino’s Super Bowl Sunday post in February 2019, which was only 6 months after she finalized divorce with Jim Bellino. 

Ever since then, Bohn has become constant in her life and especially on her Instagram. It seems like her family has even incorporated Bohn into their lives from early on and this engagement is further proof he’s not going anywhere.

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Who is Alexis Bellino's fiancé, Andy Bohn?

He’s the territory manager at Neptune Technology Group.

According to Bohns Linkedin and a Youtube Video he was interviewed in, Bohn works as a Territory Manager for the Neptune Technology Group in Indio, California.

On the official website for the company, their business is described as, “specifically focused on the business of water.”

He went to North Central College in Illinois.

He graduated with a marketing degree in 2002 and soon after graduating he moved to the greater Los Angeles area, and back to his home state of California, where he’s been working for Neptune Technology Group ever since. 

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He was a Hollywood producer for two films.

Maybe living in Hollywood for a long enough time leads you to be involved in a couple of movies.

Bohn held the position of executive producer for two films titled, Don’t Think Twice (2016) and I Do… Until I Don’t (2017). 

He was married before.

Bohn’s ex-wife was named Andrea Bohn, and the two of them were allegedly still in the middle of their divorce when Bohn started dating Bellino.

It was also reported that the ex-couple was attending couples therapy up until January, which was before the official Instagram post that confirmed Alexis and Andy’s relationship. 

His net worth is one million dollars.

Bohn's net worth is calculated to be one million to 1.5 million dollars because of his long-time work in the tech field and as a producer for two films. 

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He has kids with his ex-wife.

It’s not clear many kids Bohn had with his ex-wife Andre. However, Alexis is happy with how great of a father figure he is to her son James, 13, and twin daughters Melania and Mackenna, 12.

He's 41.

Bohn is only two years younger than Bellino and the two of them seem to have much more in common and a lot of love for each other.

He's a Virgo.

Bohn is a Virgo, whereas Bellino is a Capricorn

The compatibility of the two signs is a very strong match which makes the two of them inseparable. Virgo men value family as one of the most important things in their life and will treat his partner's family like his own, much like how Bohn treats Bellino’s family like his own.

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