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Who Is Alexis Bellino's Husband?

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who is alexis bellinos husband

Fans of the Real Housewives know that there's nothing better than when old cast members show back up to wreak a little havoc on the current ladies of the show. When this is set to happen it's like an event, you either cancel your plans or you set your DVR because you just know that you're in for something good. 

When a former Real Housewife's husband gets involved it's just that much juicier! While it may seem like the drama captured for the cameras is so impressive that there couldn't possibly be more going on behind the scenes, the truth is the tastiest bits of drama, don't make it to the air. Such was the case with former Housewife Alexis Bellino's ex-husband, Jim Bellino. Find out who Jim Bellino is and why Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge should be very nervous.

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1. Suing Shannon

Jim Bellino, the bouncy castle king as he known by like, three people, can't let his moment in the spotlight go. The Housewives get a bad rap for being litigious drama queens, but very often their boyfriends and their husbands are just as bad, if not worse, as they are. Leaving the show far behind them for greener pastures isn't something former castmates and their partners do easily. That's why it's not surprising to see Jim's name in the headlines.

Jim is the ex-husband of former Housewife, Alexis Bellino. Alexis, you might recall, is the chick who Tamra loved to call "Jesus Jugs" because she is a Christian with large boobs. That is a sentence I just wrote for my job, guys. While Alexis and her jugs left Jim, that hasn't stopped him from seeking out fame. He's suing Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador for libel after they called him a "shady motherf*cker" saying it has damaged him professionally.  

2. Shannon Strikes Back 

Of course, these ladies aren't going to sit back and let this man walk all over them, particularly if he decides to come for their dollars! In a hilarious twist that really makes me want to shake the judge's hand, Shannon was dismissed from the case after she and Tamra contended that calling Jim that name was fine, because, you know, IT IS TOTALLY TRUE! 

The judge, tacitly agreeing that Jim is shady, didn't just let Shannon off the hook either. He told Jim that he would be responsible for covering Beador's legal fees, and you can bet Shannon's not going to rest until she sees that cheddar. The woman handled her divorce like a champ, she certainly isn't afraid of walking into a courtroom if this is what the case requires. 

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3. Jim's Not Done


Leaving on a jet plane... #lovemypal #funahead

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You'd think that the judge's legal smackdown where Shannon is concerned would be enough to put Jim in his place, or at the very least silence him and prevent him from pursuing further legal action. You'd think that if you were, you know, a sane person observing the facts and making the assumption that Jim himself is sane. But you would be so wrong. 

Jim struck back at the judge's determination and he is refusing to pay Shannon the money that she is due! Jim better look out. Shannon's in the best shape of her life and she will chase his shady butt down. Jim's been asked to pay up in the amount of $220K, and he says the fee is just too damn high. He's asked that it be lowered by a walloping EIGHTY PERCENT to just $40K. Shyeah. Let me know how that works out, dude. Shannon's gonna have Doctor Moon put a hex on you. 

4. On The Warpath 


Adventures ahead. @tamrajudge 

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Lately, it seems like Jim is lashing out at everything and everyone. While it might seem nuts to fight back against a judge the way he is doing, he knows just how bad it's going to reflect on him personally so he's come up with a great excuse for refusing to give Shannon her due.

He says that her lawyers haven't presented enough detail about what they exactly did. So in short, Jim Bellino is that math teacher who took points off when you didn't show your work. While he may think that the argument he is presenting is airtight, we will have to wait to and see what the judge thinks! 

5. Tamra's Not Safe  

While Shannon might be off the hook as far as Jim's lawsuit goes, it's still ongoing and Shannon's former co-defendant, Tamra Judge, is still potentially on the hook for the libel charges, having yet to be dismissed from the case. As someone who has never been a Tamra fan, this pleases me, but objectively speaking, this is silly and she should be let off too.

That said, never underestimate the power of a desperate man. I don't think that Jim Bellino is lashing out for no reason. Given the fact that he recently put his home on the market for 6 million and it has yet to receive even an offer, we're talking about a guy who may have hit the financial skids and is looking for a quick payday.

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