Britney Spears's New Haircut: The Subliminal Message She's Trying To Send

Is Brit ok?

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Free Britney Spears! 

First off, you may know Britney Spears as a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. She even earned the title “ The Princess of Pop” for influencing the revival of teen pop during the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

Spears is known for her hit songs like “Toxic,” “...Baby One More Time,” and “Oops!...I Did It Again.”

Most recently, she showed off her new haircut on Instagram, and thanks to the #FreeBritney movement, fans think her new 'do may have a secret meaning. 


What does Britney Spears’s new haircut mean?

Keep reading to learn about Britney Spears’s new haircut and what fans think it means. 

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Spears showed off her new haircut on Instagram.

On December 16, Britney Spears showed off her new haircut to her instagram followers.


She is known for usually having long, blonde hair but now she chopped it off to her shoulders.

With her new shoulder-length haircut and curtain bangs, she posted a cute picture to instagram and captioned it, “Cut my hair!!!! You know what they say .... out with the old .... in with the new !!!!! Now let us pray!!!!”

Fans have theories about her new haircut.

Well, Britney Spears posted her new haircut to social media on the same day as a court hearing in her ongoing conservatorship battle. 

Spears may have gotten her hair cut for a fresh start in terms of her conservatorship battle, but fans think her new 'do might mean a cry for help.

"I know getting your hair cut is normal but honestly the vibe from your account makes me worried about you, I just wish we could reach out through the screen, give you a hug and say are you ok?" one Instagram user wrote.


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Many Instagram users alleged that the woman in the picture wasn't even Britney at all, and another fan went as far as to say that whoever controls her Instagram account is deleting comments of those accusations.


"They are deleting comments. especially the ones saying this isn’t Britney," one fan alleged.

It's no secret that Spears is aiming to have her father be replaced as her conservator by her care manager, Jodi Montgomery. 

Last month, Britney Spears’ attorney stated that she was “afraid” of her father, Jamie Spears.

She even claimed that he was making business decisions without her knowledge and said that she would not perform again until he is removed from being her conservator.

A source close to Britney Spears says she is facing struggles with her mental health at the moment. In October it was stated that Spears did not have "the capacity to execute a verified declaration for any purpose in this case."


Before this most recent hearing, Jamie Spears spoke out saying that he was in touch with his daughter up until August.

He stated, “I love my daughter and I miss her very much. When a family member needs special care and protection, families need to step up, as I have done for the last 12-plus years, to safeguard, protect and continue to love Britney unconditionally.”

What are the details of her conservatorship?

The Free Britney Movement has been circulating the web for years now.

Throughout her career and in her songs she has implied that she is being heavily controlled. In a lot of her media posts, photoshoots, and music videos, she can be seen in a cage, behind bars, or in chains. 


However, it took a turn for the worse in 2007 when she had a meltdown due to her public divorce. She was in the public eye during this time and the paparazzi would chase her around, take videos of her crying asking to be left alone. The paparazzi would go as far as following her into public bathrooms to take photos of her.

They even took a video of her through the windows of an ambulance while she was naked being taken away for her final mental health hold. She shaved her head, locked herself in her house with her kids, and was hospitalized twice after this public meltdown.

After she was hospitalized, her father went to court and petitioned to be a temporary conservator for her for a year and until she was well enough to handle things on her own.

Two months after she was hospitalized, she started working again and even promoting her new album, Circus. It appeared that she was feeling well enough to start working nonstop again.


Although, after the year was up, her father petitioned again for the conservatorship to be permanent, claiming that she had early onset dementia in her twenties. The court allowed it and it has been in place ever since, so it has been twelve years now. 

With the conservatorship in place, Spears can barely do anything without her dad’s permission or he can legally put her in a mental health facility.


Britney Spears is now 39 years old and is not allowed to drive a car, spend her own money, have children, get married, leave her home, hire her own lawyer, go for a walk, and much more without asking her father for permission.

She is not even allowed to see her kids and also only has 30 percent custody of both her sons because her dad assaulted one of them, although he wasn't charged.

She is not allowed to talk publicly about the conservatorship, use social media without her dad monitoring, use her cell phone without her dad monitoring, know how her money is being spent, or have any control of her career. Throughout her conservatorship, her father has had doctors give her sedating pills that are designed to keep her under control.   


A conservatorship is intended to help people who literally cannot take care of themselves. For example, elderly people with actual dementia or people with severe mental health issues.

Although it is clearly not meant for Britney Spears because she has been working nonstop and has released four albums and had a four year vegas residency during these twelve years. 

In January last year, Spears was forced to go to a mental health facility for three months because she drove to get food with her boyfriend without asking her father.

Spears told judges that she was forced to be at the facility against her will due to her father and this information went public. Ever since then, the public have been fighting for Spears’ freedom. 


No one deserves to be trapped and controlled the way she is, so hopefully she can get her father removed from the conservatorship.

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