Fans Theorize Something Is 'Terribly Wrong' With Britney Spears After She Stops Posting To Instagram

What's going on with Britney?

Britney Spears Tinseltown / Shutterstock

Britney Spears is causing quite a stir on social media, and she’s not even using it.

The “Toxic” singer is known for posting to her Instagram account multiple times a day; however, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Spears hasn’t posted since Oct. 19.

Fans are both confused and concerned about Britney’s lack of social media presence recently, and have a few theories about why she’s not as active on Instagram. 


Did Britney Spears quit Instagram?

That’s what some fans behind the #FreeBritney movement are theorizing. However, they don’t think Britney did so voluntarily or on her own accord. 

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Did Britney Spears’ legal team tell her to stop posting on Instagram?

One theory is that Spears’ legal team told her to cool it on the posts in order to show the court that she in mentaly fit and stable enough to regain control of her conservatorship — something that her father, Jamie Spears, has controlled in the past. 

However, about a year ago, he stepped down from that role due to health issues, and professional conservator Jodi Montgomery took over for Spears. 

Is Britney Spears’ content too provocative? 

Here’s the suspicious thing — Spears DID post to her Instagram account recently, but her post was taken down shortly after it was put up.



A post shared by Perez Hilton  (@theperezhilton) on Oct 19, 2020 at 3:54pm PDT

A repost of a video of Britney dancing to a Madonna song can be seen above — Perez Hilton grabbed it before it was deleted from the social media platform. 


Some fans think Britney was forced to delete the video because of the provocative nature of the clip, while others think the mother of two is just tired of all the “are you okay?” comments her fans post on her page.

“Britney hasn’t posted on her Instagram in almost a week after she deleted her dance vid....has anyone thought that she’s tired of people asking her if she’s okay? Like, what if Britney is being Britney and all these questions are just tearing her down?!” one fan questioned.

Another Twitter user added to that sentiment, responding with, “That's what i think, the people who's asking "are you okay" definitely is not a fan. If you watched chaotic back then, you'll say it's 100% Brit.”

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Fans think Britney Spears’ last Instagram post is a sign something is terribly wrong. 

Many Britney fans pointed out that her last post — a collage of the same picture in different filters — is a sign that something is not right with the 38-year-old pop star

Spears’ Instagram followers pointed out the fact that she’s posted that same selfie multiple times recently, and use that to point to the fact that something is wrong.

“She already posted this a couple days ago with the same caption something is terribly wrong,” one fan wrote, while another concerned follower said, “How many times are you gonna post this?? We know its not Britney cut the act.”


Has Britney Spears been replaced?

One Twitter user thinks that Britney has been replaced Stepford Wives-style, which may be the most reaching theory of them all. 

“That’s cause she’s been replaced,” one fan tweeted. “Go watch the movie The Stepford Wives.”

Whatever the reason for Britney’s lack of Instagram presence is, one thing is certain — her fans are, and will remain, concerned about her well-being.

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