Is Britney Spears Being Sex Trafficked? A Look Into The Disturbing Claims

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Is Britney Spears Being Sex Trafficked? A Look Into The Disturbing Claims

Is the pop singer a sex trafficking victim?

Britney Spears' recent Instagram posts have caused a lot of concern for both trusted professionals and close friends of the superstar. But none are more concerned about the fate of the "Baby One More Time" singer than her devoted fans. 

So, naturally, more than a few have taken to their various social media platforms to speculate  Spears' strange behavior: Some believe she's on drugs. Others believe she's mentally ill. And still others believe something far, far sinister.

Is Britney Spears being sex trafficked?


WAKE UP!!! PAY ATTENTION! Yes Britney Spears posts seem odd but take time to crack the codes.. this is her cry for help. ##freebritney ##foryou ##fyp

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A TikTok user suggested Spears was being sex trafficked and presented her theory. 

In the above video, a TikTok user suggested Britney Spears might be a victim of sex trafficking. In the video, she surmises that Spears' tendency to post things on her Instagram like rose petals (which is symbolism from the film American Beauty, starring disgraced actor Kevin Spacey) was actually a "message" that she was being trafficked. She also claimed that Spears was trying to "let what I'm trying to tell you be known," then zooms in on her eyes while claiming that it says "cry 911" indicating she wants help. This conspiracy theory video was shared under the #FreeBritney hashtag.

The sex trafficking theory is also one shared by several users on Reddit and Twitter as well. Check out some of the comments below. 

Rose McGowan came out in support of the #FreeBritney movement, which further shored up the support. 

Not long after #FreeBritney became a viral trend on social media, actress Rose McGowan — who is, these days, more known for her activism than for her acting — took to Twitter to announce that, like Brittany Murphy before her, Britney Spears was also a victim of "Hollywood" and sex trafficking. McGowan went on to warn her followers about the dangers of fame and told them that Hollywood "ate up" Murphy and will probably do the same to Spears. However, she subsequently deleted her tweets, leading to more speculation that she was "silenced" by the powers that be, and only added fuel to the fire that Britney Spears was, indeed, a sex trafficking victim. But McGowan's message was also shared on Instagram. You can check it out below. 

There's been no concrete evidence to suggest that Spears was trafficked. 

Outside of bizarre proclamations from people like Rose McGowan and — stranger still — Courtney Love, who claimed in 2009 that Spears was "molested by her father," there is no concrete evidence to prove, or even suggest, that Britney Spears is a victim of sex trafficking. 

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But there have been accusations of abuse against her father, Jamie Spears. 

It would be a misrepresentation to say that Britney Spears had an idyllic childhood. Her father, Jamie Spears, was an alleged alcoholic and family members have all testified that he would "terrorize" the family. Additionally, Spears' ex-husband, Kevin Federline, recently filed a police report claiming that the elder Spears had committed "battery" on Sean Federline, his 13-year-old son with Spears. So, while Britney Spears herself may not be a victim of trafficking, there's certainly cause for concern in her family background. 

Despite past accusations, Spears' father was made her conservator — though he no longer holds that role. 

Spears has been under a conservatorship for more than 12 years. Two years ago, Jamie Spears stepped down as conservator and Jodi Montgomery took his place. Under the conservatorship, Britney Spears no longer has control over her financial decisions; she must make them alongside her conservator and all documents must be filed with the courts. Under the conservatorship, Spears' estate is now worth nearly $60 million. 

Can Spears ever come off of a conservatorship?

According to one expert, Britney Spears could come off of her conservatorship if a formal request was made for it to happen. However, as of this writing, no formal request was ever made on behalf of Spears to ever take her off conservatorship. But that hasn't stopped her fans from taking a petition to the White House to get her off her conservatorship and the conservatorship is up for review again this August.

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We will keep you posted as the developments unfold. 

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