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Former ‘Twilight’ Star Christian Serratos Stars In Netflix’s ‘Selena: The Series’ — Meet Her Partner, David Boyd

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Christian Serratos and David Boyd

Selena fans, this one’s for you!

Former Twilight actor Christian Serratos stars as the titular character in Netflix’s new original series, Selena: The Series, which hit the streaming platform on Dec. 4. 

While fans may recognize Serratos from Twilight, The Walking Dead, and The Secret Life of the American Teenager, music fans may recognize her rock star boyfriend, David Boyd.

Who is Christian Serratos’s boyfriend, David Boyd?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about David Boyd, including which show he appeared on alongside his partner of over six years. 

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David Boyd is a musician.

David Boyd is the lead singer of the Danish alternative rock band New Politics. 

Some of their hit songs include, “Harlem,” “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” and “Tonight You’re Perfect.”

He grew up in Copenhagen.

Boyd is originally from Denmark, but he made the move over to America in 2009, and settled down in Brooklyn, New York. 

The culture shock of living in the States didn’t hit him until a couple years later, though.

"We had been touring non-stop, so we were never in our apartment,” he said. "Finally, when we did come off tour, we became homesick."

His band struggled in the early years. 

Like most bands, Boyd and his bandmates struggled early on in their music career. 

"We struggled really hard financially,” he admitted. “Sometimes, we weren't sure how we were going to make it." 

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However, because of Denmark’s more socialist approach to living, it wasn’t as difficult as one would think.

"We're all middle-class there, we don't experience poverty like in America," he said.

He’s toured with some big name bands.

New Politics has toured with some seriously huge musicians and bands, including Fall Out Boy, Jared Leto’s band 30 Seconds To Mars, and Pink. 

Christian Serratos and David Boyd have been together since 2014.

Although it doesn’t look like the pair are married, they are deeply committed to one another and their long-term relationship. 

He’s a dad.

David Boyd and Christian Serratos are parents to an adorable 3-year-old girl named Wolfgang, who they call Wolfie for short.

"I wanted to be a mom for a long, long time," Serratos said. "It's been everything that I thought it would be. That girl has Mommy and Daddy wrapped around her finger!"

"She's a really well-adapted kid,” Serratos added. “We travel a lot and I had some concern about that obviously, because that's just our lifestyle, but me and David, we try not to overanalyze things or guilt ourselves for too much.”

"We both just realized as long as she's with us, she's great, and she's always been great. She's a really easy kid," she revealed.

Serratos also revealed that she and Boyd are open to having more children. 

“I feel super fulfilled,” Serratos added. “A lot of people talk about [how] they know that their family isn't finished. I don't know — our family could be, but only time will tell.”

He appeared on an episode of The Walking Dead

David Boyd guest-starred as a zombie on Serratos’ show, The Walking Dead, in Season 7.

“It’s funny because he looks like a walker. I think that’s how [director, EP, and zombie guru Greg Nicotero] and I started talking about it initially. He has just the perfect face for the walker makeup,” she said of his role on the hit AMC show. “Like, there are very specific requirements to be a walker, and David had all those requirements, so yeah, he was a walker.”

Serratos also revealed the best part about having her long-term partner work on The Walking Dead with her.

“I was like, well if we’re going to have him on the show, I need to kill him,” she said. “So he was a walker in the episode with me and Sonequa, and I killed him.”

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