Everything To Know About Jared Leto's Longtime Girlfriend Valery Kaufman

These two have never officially confirmed their relationship.

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Jared Leto and girlfriend Valery Kaufman have been together for years — including many public sightings — but they've kept their relationship as private as possible. So private, in fact, that neither of them have ever confirmed or denied their romance ... despite the fact that they've been photographed together many times since they first went from friends to lovers years ago. 

Who is Jared Leto's girlfriend, Valery Kaufman?

Though there's not a lot out there about this super-secretive couple, here's what we do know about Valery Kaufman. 


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How long have Valery Kaufman and Jared Leto been together?

The couple has likely been together since 2015. Though It's hard to pinpoint much of a timeline of Kaufman and Leto's relationship, they were first spotted together in June 2015, when they were first seen taking a walk through New York and going grocery shopping together while he was in the city filming Suicide Squad. Since then, they've been seen together many more times; most recently, they were rock climbing together at a gym in Los Angeles. 


Kaufman and Leto were friends first before taking their romance to the next level.

As a source close to the couple says, they were friends first and ended up dating organically, with things between them becoming more serious over time.

"They initially seemed to be friends. They would meet up with groups of people and all hangout. They didn't go on solo dates," an insider said. "Over the years, things seem to have turned romantic. They have been off and on now for a few years, but seem to spend more time together lately. Valery even hung out with Jared's mom earlier this year."

Valery Kaufman is a 26-year-old model. 

Kaufman has been modeling for print and on the runway for years; not only has she scored magazine covers like this one for Ellebut she has also walked in shows including the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2015 and 2016, as well as several Chanel and Dolce and Gabbana shows. Kaufman has also been walking in shows at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks since 2013. 

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Kaufman keeps her Instagram mostly professional. 



A post shared by Valery Kaufman (@valerykaufman) on Sep 3, 2020 at 1:27am PDT

Though Kaufman does occasionally share photos from her travels or with friends, most of her Instagram consists of her modeling photos and various magazine covers — and there definitely aren't any Leto sightings available (nor are there any signs that she's dating anyone else, either). 

Where is Valery Kaufman from?

She grew up in Russia. In an interview, Kaufman opened up about what it was like growing up in Moscow with her family and how much she loved the experience.


"Growing up in Russia was amazing. I love my city, it's the place to be," she said. "I love the people, I love the mentality. It's really evolving. Right now, it's kind of a new chapter for Moscow because we're building in this new architectural style where the buildings are really high towers everywhere. It used to be different, it used to be kind of like a village. The buildings used to be small and the same pattern, but now there are a lot more business centers and offices. Still, historically and culturally, it's so evolved. It was an amazing place to grow up!"

Leto and Kaufman are extremely private about their relationship.

Given how notoriously private about his personal life Leto has always been, it's no surprise that he's the same way about his relationship with Kaufman — in fact, some people probably aren't aware that he was even seeing someone. But so far, keeping things under wraps seems to be working out for them, and more than 10 years later, they still seem happy as ever.


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