Why Are Geminis So Scary?

You never know what to expect from a Gemini.

Why Are Geminis So Scary? Stock-Asso/Shutterstock.com

Geminis are known for being impulsive and intimidating, but sometimes their traits can be so extreme that it's downright scary.

Are their personalities just too intense?

Or do they just give off bad vibes?

Why are Geminis so scary?

Ruled by Mercury, this zodiac sign is smart, and while not all Geminis are the same, some have personality traits that are unpredictable. 

Not only are they interested in a variety of topics, but their knowledge about life can take you by surprise.


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They are multi-talented and often ahead of the rest, so why do some people view Gemini in a negative light?

Whether you’ve just met a Gemini or known one for some time, they might scare you from time to time.


Here’s why Geminis can scare you, according to astrology:

1. A Gemini's personality can change.

Geminis are highly adaptable and can navigate different people and scenarios with ease.

While this may seem like a benefit of a Gemini personality, it can come off as alarming to those who are watching the transition happen first hand.

You might notice this more with a Gemini that you’ve known for a while and have seen interact with different types of people.

It’s almost as if their personality changes to fit the person they are talking to and might make you question their true identity.

This is scary because it makes those close to the Gemini wonder what’s an adaptation and what’s the truth.


2. They are attention seekers.

Part of the reason they adapt their personality so often is always to remain the center of attention.

This is concerning when you watch them tell other people what they want to hear and act in a certain way solely for attention.

They might even act over the top obnoxious and loud to obtain center stage.

Not only is this scary, but it’s also exhausting as well. Nothing is more annoying than watching your friend or loved one be someone they're not for attention from others. It can even make you embarrassed for them and embarrassed to be around them. 

3. A Gemini can act out.

Geminis are intense when it comes to their emotions, you’ll never have to guess if they’re upset.


They are used to getting their way, having attention, and always being right.

If one of these gets thrown off course, you can expect them to lash out.

They have no problem making a scene and will even do so for attention if they feel they aren’t getting enough.

This can be terrifying and cause friends and family to feel as though they’re walking on eggshells around the Gemini. It can be scary not knowing when they are going to feel they aren't getting their way and not knowing what they will do to get it. 

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4. They come across as lacking empathy.

While they might exhibit a roller coaster of emotions, empathy probably won’t be one of them.


They don’t have the highest regard for other people’s feelings and will likely tell you to ‘get over it’ if you come to them with a problem.

The same goes for their personal struggles as well.

They don’t feel emotional pain in the same way that other zodiac signs do and you might wonder if they even care at all. 

They have a unique ability to numb their emotions when something distressing occurs, causing them to come off as heartless.

5. They’re impulsive

Geminis do not consider what could go right or wrong when making a decision, they only focus on the gratification of the action.

This tends to negatively affect themselves and those that end up getting involved in their impulse decisions.


However, they will never admit that what they did was a mistake, regardless of how bad the outcome.

They couldn’t care less about the consequences of their actions, making them seem out of control and scaring those along for the ride.

6. They are good at getting revenge.

If you are unfortunate enough to cross a Gemini, watch your back.


They might not show their anger towards you right away but they will absolutely plan out some sort of revenge.

Geminis stay silent about their feelings of being betrayed in order to hide their intentions of hurting you back.

They wait until you least expect it to reveal their true motives of revenge.

This is alarming to those close to the Gemini because they never know if they have accidentally hurt the Gemini's feelings or what they’ve done to deserve this spitefulness.

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