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Nicolas Aujula — The Psychic Who Eerily Predicted The COVID-19 Pandemic — Shares His 2021 Predictions

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Nicolas Aujula

It’s safe to say the world was blindsided by the COVID-19 pandemic that’s been ravaging the globe since its late 2019 outbreak. 

While people from all over the world are grappling with the unprecedented times we’re currently living in, one person wasn’t as shocked about the state of the world as we were.

And that person is Nicolas Aujula, a London-based psychic who predicted the worldwide pandemic back in 2018, among other notable worldwide events. 

With the end of 2020 coming up at a rapid pace, we’re curious to know what Aujula is saying about 2021 — and whether or not we’re in for another tumultuous year.

Who is Nicolas Aujula, and what are his 2021 predictions?

Read on to find out what you need to know about the eerily accurate psychic and past life regression therapist, and what his 2021 predictions are. 

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Nicolas Aujula is a “soul stylist.”

Aujula is a therapist, hypnotist, psychic, and healer who calls himself a “soul stylist.”

According to his personal website, he is also an “expert that offers a unique blend of coaching, holistic and lifestyle services to help you live a more soulful life — covering chronic health, mental health, body image, life guidance, behavioural patterns, relationships dynamics to developing personal style.”

Nicolas Aujula’s 2021 predictions are extremely interesting.

Considering he’s been so on the ball about his predictions, what he’s saying about 2021 is very interesting — and some A-list celebs are at the center of his predictions.

“I keep getting the words ‘Tom Cruise’ and ‘heart’ coming to me,” he revealed. 

“Maybe that’s literal and he’ll be poorly with a heart problem, or maybe it’s metaphorical and he’ll go through a break-up or something,” he added.

“I’m also seeing romantic heartache for Natalie Portman and Kim Kardashian. Who knows, maybe she will split with Kanye West?” he speculated.

Aujula also said he sees “big things” for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, including a tell-all special and a sibling for baby Archie!

“I’m getting visions of Meghan Markle appearing on screen somewhere, doing some sort of tell all interview, where she spills secrets about the Royal family,” he said.

“I’m also seeing another baby for her and Harry.”

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Not all of Aujula’s predictions are light-hearted, though.

“I have had a couple of quite horrid visions — one of a male world leader being assassinated,” he revealed.

“I couldn’t see who it was, but sensed it sent shockwaves through the world. Obviously I hope that doesn’t come to fruition,” he added.

Aujula is also unfortunately predicting another type of flu outbreak; however, he doesn’t want to sound the alarm bells on it, but warns that given the current state of anxiety that the world is living in, people may panic.

“And I've had the words ‘pig flu’ come to me and seen images of mass panic,” Aujula claimed. “I don’t think it will be another virus, but I can imagine the reaction will be alarmist, given what’s happened this year.”

He predicted COVID-19 back in 2018.

Unfortunately, Aujula’s prediction of an “influenza-like” disaster comparable to the 1918 Spanish flu was scarily accurate. 

"These visions came in late 2018 I remember being aware of a virus-like outbreak that would affect the world, I was aware that it came from livestock animals and saw the words ‘influenza’ came to mind as clear as day at the time,” he said.

"May til October can be a real tipping point of climax so the worst is to come, expect restrictions that affect our daily life, businesses will suffer and the economy will stale, NHS will collapse,” he said back in March of 2020.

Aujula also claimed that his vision of a hospital in flames may have been a symbol for the way health services and hospitals were pushed to the edge following the COVID outbreak.

“One other thing I saw before 2020 was a hospital in flames,” Aujula revealed.

“At the time, I thought it’d mean a literal fire – but now I think it might’ve been symbolic of the way the NHS, and health services around the world, were pushed to the edge by the virus.”

“Similarly, I had a vision of World War Three,” he said, “but perhaps that wasn’t a war between countries, but instead a war against Covid-19.”

He also predicted the downfall of Donald Trump and his administration.

“I also envisioned the defeat of Donald Trump,” he said. “The US election was obviously very neck-and-neck, so it was surreal seeing my vision come true when Joe Biden finally took the lead.”

Will Nicolas Aujula’s 2021 predictions come true?

We obviously won’t know until we enter the new year, so only time will tell. 

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