Celtic Animal Zodiac Signs & Tree Signs: Meanings In Irish Astrology

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Celtic Animal Astrology is the symbology of different animal totems that give deeper insight — not just into who we are, but also our divine purpose in this life.

The Celts held a strong connection to nature and the world around them. Originally from present day Ireland, they not only celebrated lunar cycles but also looked for similarities between the earth and themselves.

They studied the correlation between their behaviors and those of animals to gain more insight and meaning into their purpose and path. 

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What is Celtic Animal Astrology?

The seasons of the Celtic Animal Zodiac, also known as the Celtic Zodiac Signs, originated from the Celtic Tree Astrology seasons, which are similar in nature to the Western Astrology that many practice.

The Celts celebrated and worshiped the world around them, including trees and animals, both real and supernatural. While the Astrology calendar we use today has twelve zodiac signs, the Celtic Astrology calendar has thirteen, representing the number of lunar cycles within a year's time.

In this deeply connected society, they believed that trees and animals weren’t just a sacred part of life, but faeries and spirits that inhabited the world; everything was done to appease these mystical beings.

Through this creation, we are able to celebrate and gain insight into the mysticism of our personality and behaviors, allowing us to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and those we share our lives with.

Discover Your Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign & Tree Sign

Green Dragon (January 21 - February 17)

Celtic Tree Sign: Rowan, The Thinker

Dragons are supernatural, powerful creatures that are known for their magical abilities. They represent the energy that runs through everything in this life.

Rather than the winged beasts we think of, Celts believed that these dragons lacked the ability to fly and instead slithered across the earth, creating portals of energy that later had meaningful structures built atop, like Stonehenge.

If you are born under the sign of the Green Dragon, you carry a deep wisdom and knowledge for the world around you. At times, you likely possess a strong vision and intuition for the future, almost bordering on prophetic or even psychic feelings.

You have the power to purify yourself, those around you, and the world, bringing new life into the destruction that can sometimes overtake us.

Sea Horse (February 18 - March 27)

Celtic Tree Sign: Ash, The Enchantress

The Sea Horse was a symbol of the Gods to the Celts, signifying both strength and power. Because this animal dwells in the sea, it has a deep connection to feelings, imagination, creativity and sensuality.

This symbol was said to bring good luck, especially to those that set out on water voyages, and still can be seen in the crest for the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland. Sea Horse is a sign of protection and safety, which can be seen in how this sign likes to care for and tend to others.

Part of the enchantment of this sign is that the Sea Horse is said to be able to change its shape as it wants, signifying those born under this sign carry an aptitude for adaptability and illusion.

Hawk (March 28 - April 14)

Celtic Tree Sign: Alder, The Trailblazer

Hawk carries one of the most powerful omens in the Celtic Zodiac because they were believed to carry messages from other worlds and dimensions. To carry the Hawk totem means you hold a great purpose in this life, and what you have to offer carries great meaning to others.

You are encouraged to keep your eyes open and aware, watch that things around you may not always be what they seem, and trust in your instincts.

There is also a philosophical connection to using the keen eyesight of the hawk to continually examine your life, letting go of what no longer serves you and emphasizing the need to continually allow yourself to evolve.

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Sea Serpent (April 15 - May12)

Celtic Tree Sign: Willow, The Observer

This is a very divine Celt symbol because they believed that the Sun and Moon hatched from two serpent eggs that had been hidden in a Willow tree.

If you were born under this sign, you have a deep connection to the earth around you, and need quiet to process and reflect on your life.

The Sea Serpent reminds us that life is ever-changing, and that it’s up to us to find what is real so we are not led astray. There is also a reminder of duality with this sign and, like yin and yang, we need both sides of life to truly be whole.

Fox (May 13 - June 9)

Celtic Tree Sign: Hawthorne, The Illusionist

If you are born under the sign of the Fox, you are a leader for others around you. Fox is considered a spirit guide that can sense what others miss and can intuitively know where they are meant to go, sharing that knowledge with others.

The Fox is cunning, seductive and intelligent. They are able to use their mind and beauty for either good or evil, depending on the desire.

While Fox can be that intuitive guide that benefits all, if too driven to satisfy their own needs, they come off as selfish.

White Horse (June 10 - July 7)

Celtic Tree Sign: Oak, The Stabilizer

The White Horse is a symbol of purity, spirituality, light, and the power that good will always triumph over evil.

According to the Celts, the White Horse was also a symbol of deities who could take that shape at will, so whenever one crossed the path of a white horse, it was important to not anger it; you never knew which deity had transformed into it.

This leads to that belief of how others see you and that, while there is a sacredness in your personality, there is also that unknown feeling of the unpredictability of your moods.

To be the sign of the White Horse means you are asked to walk in the path of your highest self, and to remember the significance you have in the lives of others.

Unicorn (July 8 - August 4)

Celtic Tree Sign: Holly, The Ruler

To be born under the sign of the Unicorn is to walk in between dreams. This is a powerful sign to see into the heart of anyone and their truth that lives there.

The Unicorn is a sign of fertility, signifying that you have the power to create great abundance in your life. And to do so, you have to live in the light and the virtue that goes along with it.

If you were to try to employ more cunning or manipulative tactics, it’s said that the deities would punish the Unicorn until it learned to be who it truly was: a symbol of good character and faith.

To be associated with the Unicorn also represents your uniqueness in this world, which others may struggle with believing it. But it reminds you that it’s not your job to prove yourself to anyone.

Rainbow Salmon (August 5 - September 1)

Celtic Tree Sign: Hazel, The Knower

Salmon is the bringer of knowledge and truth. It holds a connection to the esoteric aspects of life and represents the ability to predict the future.

To have the Salmon as your Animal Zodiac Symbol suggests you have an innate sense of what will happen, and that this inner knowing governs your life’s decisions.

This symbol is one of change, signifying the transformation of self which is part of your life purpose. The Salmon goes through many different changes in life but has to meet each one openly without holding onto anything from the past. This is the gift to those born under this totem.

White Swan (September 2 - September 29)

Celtic Tree Symbol: Vine, The Equalizer

The White Swan is seen as a sacred symbol of the divine light that is within each of us. She is the great sense of justice that governs so much in all of our lives and helps to give direction to others.

Swan is a symbol of both physical and spiritual beauty, representing the connection to truth. The Swan asks you to look at yourself and discover your own worth apart from anything externally.

The greatest power of the Swan is the knowledge and beauty that only you hold, and the more confidence you can find within that determines the successful and satisfying life you will live. It’s about learning that there is no one to compete against but yourself.

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Butterfly (September 30 - October 27)

Celtic Tree Symbol: Ivy, The Survivor

Not surprisingly, the Butterfly is one of metamorphism and alchemy. This is about the ability butterflies possess to take what they’ve been through and make it into something beautiful.

A butterfly is a reminder to be in all of life’s phases and not rush through the processes, thinking that something better is ahead when where you are right now is what you are meant to focus on.

There is also a sense of death and resurrection associated with this sign, signifying that you may have to let many beliefs or versions of yourself die as you continually grow and transform within your life. The Butterfly is a symbol of faith in the divine process of life.

White Hound (October 28 - November 24)

Celtic Tree Symbol: Reed, The Inquisitor

The Hound, also known as a Dog, is fiercely loyal and hardworking. The Hound is seen as a protector — not just for those more vulnerable, but also against those darker spirits that try to lead us astray.

The Hound enjoys interacting, helping and teaching others, lending its patience and understanding to even the most difficult of situations.

The White Hound is often thought to hold high psychic abilities and use this knowledge as a way to help guide themselves and others. While often helpful with others, the Hound may struggle to trust themselves, having to go through numerous trials to acquire self-knowledge which, in turn, ends up benefiting them in their interactions with others.

Black Horse (November 25 - December 23)

Celtic Tree Symbol: Elder, The Seeker

The Black Horse holds a connection to death and the darker aspects of life. This isn’t because those born under this sign are evil, but instead represent the ability to handle the more challenging and difficult aspects of life with grace and ease.

It's a strong and powerful leader, rarely second-guessing themselves and trusting that each step they take is meant to be.

The Horse has great physical strength and agility. This is beneficial in its ability to lead and is also a reminder that, if born under this sign, your physical health will be crucial for you to operate as your best self.

In order to handle anything life throws your way, you first have to care for yourself. This can sometimes be an annoyance, but is a learned necessity.

Stag (December 24 - January 20)

Celtic Tree Symbol: Birch, The Achiever

The Stag is a king. A symbol of strength and beauty, it doesn’t use these qualities for survival; instead, it’s for deep awareness of its environment.

Those under this sign are able to find in tune truths about a situation that others can’t. There likely may not even be any logical reason behind it, but it's something they feel called to address or act upon.

The Stag is known for defending itself and its loved ones fiercely, but they have to learn the proper balance of this as they grow older because not every situation is one we have to defend.

The Stag ultimately will learn that being themselves is the best defense against what anyone else might say. They are very intelligent and find great success in figuring out the most challenging of situations. But they also have to remember that they don’t have to fix the problems of those around them.

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