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Are Dale Moss And Clare Crawley Over? Why Social Media Thinks They've Called It Quits

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Clare Crawley and Dale Moss

Is there trouble in (Bachelorette) paradise already?

On Nov. 16, a fan sent a message to celebrity and pop culture influencer Amanda Hirsch — who runs the @notskinnybutnotfat Instagram account and is also the host of a podcast of the same name — claiming that a friend of a friend saw Dale Moss at a restaurant holding hands with a woman who was NOT his fiancé, Clare Crawley.

Although the person originally supplied photographic evidence of Dale with the mystery woman, the screenshots with the photos were almost immediately taken down for legal reasons.

Now, just two months later, rumors that Crawley and Moss have already called it quits are making the rounds online.

Did Clare Crawley and Dale Moss break up?

Let’s take a trip down the ol’ Bachelor rabbit hole and investigate. But first, let's take a look back at those pesky cheating rumors that plagued the couple in November.

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A fan claims a friend of a friend witnessed Dale kissing another woman.

In the message posted on Hirsch’s IG Stories, a fan says, “Apparently Dale was seen at Cipriani hand holding and pecked another girl! A friend of mine said her friend saw him at Ciprani last night.”

The tip comes just days after Moss was spotted strolling around NYC last weekend with three gorgeous women — and none of them were his fiancé, Clare Crawley

“He went to an event at Hugo Boss and was seen leaving with three model types,” a source said.

“He was later joined by a fourth who seemed to be his friend. Then, he was spotted drinking outside in SoHo, where he was kissing one woman, but like pecks.”

The stories seem to corroborate with each other, as Cipriani is a New York City restaurant that’s located in SoHo. 

Another fan claims a person who DM’d Clare directly about the rumors got blocked by her.

“Bethany DM’d Clare about the Dale cheating rumors and she blocked her so...... guess we have our answers folks,” one Twitter user wrote.

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“There was [sic] rumors about dale cheating which if that was true he’d have to be the dumbest guy alive,” another Twitter user wrote, adding, “No way in hell he would get away with it now that he’s in a very public relationship.”

Is Dale Moss with Clare Crawley for the right reasons?

As with any reality television star — especially those who appear on the Bachelor franchise — there’s always the question of “are they here for the right reasons?”

From the get-go, fans have wondered that exact sentiment, and were worried that Moss was just using his newfound fame to gain traction in the entertainment industry. 

In fact, in an interview, Moss specifically stated that one of his career goals is to “be a leading host or media personality in the entertainment industry.”

Crawley and Moss have been open about their "instant connection."

“For me personally, there is no explanation needed,” Moss said of his instant connection with Crawley. “I’ve never been afraid of commitment. 

“And when I met Clare, I knew I was all in,” he added. “She lights a fire in me that I was missing for so long.”

Crawley echoed that sentiment in a Nov. 11 interview, saying, "Everything since the show has been reaffirming of why I chose Dale.” 

"He's even better off camera, in person, one on one at home. Dale is the yin to my yang. And this is the happiest I've ever been," she added.

But now, fans are convinced the pair called it quits. 

Amanda Hirsch, who runs the Not Skinny But Not Fat Instagram account, posted two screenshots from both Clare and Dale on Jan. 14, writing in the comment section, "Both Dale and Clare posted cryptic stuff today that leads me to think it’s over (also some weird thing about his cousin unfollowing her on social media after spending time with them at the beach house)."

One Instagram user joked, "I can just imagine an ABC publicist somewhere saying 'ok, so we need at least 3 cryptic instagrams and 2 tweets quoting motivational sayings and the we will confirm the break up.'"

Naturally, fans did some of their own social media sleuthing, and noticed the following:

While almost everything in the above tweet checks out, the one thing to note is that as of right now, Dale and Clare still follow each other on Instagram.

However, Bacheloring, an Instagram account dedicated to all things Bachelor Nation, posted a screenshot from Dale's cousin on their Instagram Story after the trio stayed at a beach house last weekend.

The screenshot of Dale's cousin's Instagram Story is a song by Larry June called, "Thank God For The Trap." The text above the song reads, "WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH. NOW UNFOLLOW US IN REAL LIFE."

Bacheloring shared the "tea" they had about the situation, writing, "Ok some piping hot tea for y'all!! So Clare, Dale, and Dale's cousin were staying at a beach house this past weekend. However, Clare unfollowed the cousin that night, he unfollowed her too and posted this on his Instagram Story."

The next Instagram Story reads: "Ok so more tea. Dale and Clare both deleted their most recent picture with one another. Dale had commented, "I'll never leave you," under her post a few days [ago] and deleted that comment today [YIKES]. Also, both of them are being really sad on their Stories. So, things aren't looking great, folks."

Neither Clare nor Dale have commented on the split rumors, but unfortunately, it looks like they may be the next Bachelor Nation couple to bite the dust.

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