How Do Bennett & Amelia Know Each Other? ‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers About The Couple Who’ve Met Before

New Orleans really is a small, small town.

Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner Lifetime / YouTube

Married at First Sight takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana this year, and after an explosive season opener, it looks like it's set to be the craziest season yet!

At the end of last week’s episode, MAFS cast member Amelia Fatsi walked down the aisle and saw her husband, Bennett Kirschner, for the first time; however she quickly realized that the pair had previously met and whispered to her mom, “I know him.”


As she approached the altar, Amelia and Bennett embraced, and Bennett revealed that "it's not the first time" the two have crossed paths. The episode ended shortly, which left fans scratching their heads about how Amelia and Bennett had previously met.

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How do Bennett and Amelia know each other?

Let’s be honest — Amelia is a highly expressive and animated person. And from the way she reacted when she saw Bennett standing at the altar, fans thought something major may have happened between the two.


“I can't wait to hear their backstory and how they met each other. Amelia seemed thrilled. Bennett, not so much,” one curious Twitter fan wrote about the pair, while another theorized that the two had met before and just “didn’t click.”

However, according to Soap Dirt, the way Amelia and Bennett know each other is just through a mutual friend.

Womp, womp, am I right?

Although their connection to each other prior to filming Married at First Sight might not be that exciting, some Twitter fans don’t believe that’s the whole story.  

“Okay, who wants to guess how Bennett and Amelia know each other? Did she ride in his pedicab? Did she attend one of his shows? Do they frequent the same favorite shop? I can't wait to hear this story!” wrote one Twitter user, while another wondered if Bennett and Amelia’s reactions to seeing each other was one of shock or one of utter disdain.


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Another Married at First Sight fan even theorized that Amelia is the last woman that Bennett had sex with, which would be a huge plot twist and probably very awkward for the newlyweds.


Have there been other Married At First Sight couples who already knew each other?

On Season 8, Married at First Sight cast member Luke recognized his bride-to-be, Kate, as she walked down the aisle. However, Kate didn’t recognize him at first, which threw Luke for a loop. 

“I don't think she recognized me," he said. "Very surprised, because we had met, like, three weeks ago." It was then revealed that the pair had briefly met at a speed dating event that was run by Luke. 


Who is Bennett Kirschner?

Bennett Kirschner is a man of many talents, according to his bio on his website. He’s a playwright, singer, songwriter, writer, and director. He’s also a pedicab driver and plays in a funk-pop band called TV Pole Shine.

Who is Amelia Fatsi?

Amelia Fatsi seems like a match made in heaven for Bennett! Not only is she free-spirited and a little on the quirky side, she also loves to play music and is currently completing her medical residency. She also said she “loves social experiments,” and what’s a better social experiment than getting hitched to an almost complete stranger?


Married at First Sight airs on Lifetime on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

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