Leslie Odom Jr. Expecting Second Child — Meet His Wife, Nicolette Robinson

Congrats are in order!

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You may know Leslie Odom Jr. for originating the role of Aaron Burr in the hit musical Hamilton.

Odom Jr.’s portrayal of the role won him the 2016 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical and a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album as a lead vocalist. 

Besides working on Broadway, he's also played the role of Sam Strickland in the musical television show Smash and has released three of his own jazz albums, called Leslie Odom Jr., Simply Christmas, and Mr. 


And the talented, multi-faceted actor and singer is is the news again because he and his wife, Nicolette Robinson, are expecting their second baby.

Who is Leslie Odom Jr.’s wife, Nicolette Robinson?

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Nicolette Robinson is an actress. 

She made her Broadway debut as Jenna in the musical Waitress. Robinson is also known for her role as Jane in the television show The Affair

She is 32 years old and was born on April 18, 1988, making her an Aries.

Robinson studied musical theatre at the University of California, Los Angeles. 

How did Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson meet?

The pair met in 2008, when Robinson was auditioning for a role in the musical Once on This Island in Los Angeles, directed by Billy Porter. 

Odom Jr. was the assistant director and retells the story, “I got to sit in on the auditions, and this very lovely young girl came in to audition — this UCLA student — who I would have cast. That’s not blowing smoke. I just thought that she had an ineffable quality that is very rare and not really something you can teach. It was between her and another very talented actress, and Nicolette didn’t get cast..."


"...In the middle of the rehearsal process, one of our cast members, Nita Whitaker, her husband, Don LaFontaine...passed away. So Nita had to leave and Billy had to do some juggling within the cast. He moved roles around and he called that pretty black girl from the audition and had her step in. As his assistant it was my job to get her up to speed and make sure she was okay.” 

He continued, “We got very close very quickly, but normally those kinds of things — you call them showmances — end when the show ends, but ours never ended. We just had so much fun together.”

Robinson added, “We were just really comfortable. We were very fast friends. We would take naps on the Equity cot. And we had our little thing backstage during “Waiting for Life.” We would always meet up in the same spot, and we would dance with each other. Every time we’d just get closer and closer."

She continued, “I played Andrea, so my solo moment was later in the show, and whenever I would exit into the wings after my part, he would be waiting there for me and would give me a peck on the lips as I left the stage.” 


When did Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson get married?

Robinson and Odom Jr. wed on December 1, 2012 and have been together ever since.

However, Odom Jr. was scared of commitment in the beginning of their relationship. Robinson said that their first date “became official, but we both went into it not knowing whether it was a date or not.” 

Odom Jr. added, “It was what I needed as a commitment-phobe. Anything in an official capacity was going to make me nervous, but I could absolutely go hang out with a friend of mine and see what happened. In case we had a terrible time, we could have just said, “Oh, that wasn’t a date,” but it was very clear that it was more than friendship. So at the end of the first date I gave Nicolette a kiss, a real kiss, not a peck like in the show.”



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Leslie Odom Jr. kids — how many does he have with Nicolette?

Odom Jr. and Robinson  have a daughter named Lucille Ruby who was born on April 23, 2017, making her a Taurus.

Robinson stated that, “Motherhood has taught me about discovering the balance of being with your child but also fulfilling that need that you have. I hope that she sees that I’m doing what I really love to do. Hopefully that’ll push her to do the things that she wants too. When she comes to the theater, there’s a giant picture of me outside the door, and she goes, ‘Mamma!’”



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Odom Jr. and Robinson are expecting their second child.

The couple announced on Nov. 9 on Instagram that they are expecting their second baby.


Leslie Odom Jr. posted a cute photo featuring Robinson’s baby bump and captioned the photo, “Lots of reasons to celebrate over here. Lots of reasons for hope too. Baby boy and mama are doing swell. Praying for him and all the little ones on the way! The new class!! ...We’ll make it right for you.” 

Nicolette Robinson also posted a similar photo to her instagram feed and announced that the baby's due date is March 2021.



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What is Leslie Odom Jr.'s net worth?

Leslie Odom Jr.’s net worth is estimated to be over $10 million in 2020. 


Nicolette Robinson’s net worth is estimated to be around $400,000.

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