Comedian Heather McMahan Secretly Ties The Knot After Postponing Italy Wedding — Meet Her Husband, Jeff Daniels

Meet the funny lady's better half!

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Heather McMahan is a hilarious stand-up comedian and actress and her LOL-Instagram stories have basically got us through this quarantiene.

She's appeared in TV shows and movies like The Trap, Family, and If Loving You Is Wrong

McMahan also hosts a podcast called Absolutely Not and hosts a live comedy tour called Heather McMahan: The Farewell Tour, which has gone virtual in light of the COVID-19 pandemic


McMahan’s instagram bio pretty much says it all about who she is: “Comedian w/ a thick neck & thin ankles, Doing the most. Also God is good.”

And after postponing their wedding because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it looks like Heather McMahan and her partner, Jeff Daniels, tied the knot on Dec. 21!

Who is Heather McMahan's husband, Jeff Daniels?

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Jeff Daniels is consultant at Danco Worldwide Consultants Inc. He went to Penn State University and got his Bachelor's degree in history.

In his free time, he volunteers for Habitat for Humanity International, according to his LinkedIn profile. He also likes to golf.



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Who is Heather McMahan?

McMahan is a comedian/podcaster/actress who uses her instagram page to connect with her 600K followers. She likes to post funny and relatable content and show off her self-deprecating style of humor.


McMahan also uses her platform to discuss body positivity, wellness, travels, and the plight of Britney Spears — she's very invested — basically whatever's on her mind.



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Daniels secretly loves McMahan’s fame.  

Heather McMahan joked that her husband and family are enjoying her rise to fame.


She said, “Jeff likes to pretend he’s fazed, but don’t let him fool you that he’s not eating it up. When the camera hits Jeff, he finds his light. My mom would push me in front of a bus if it meant she got to star in the show. [Heather's mom] Robin is riding my coattails.”

Daniels likes to play golf. 

Daniels enjoys playing golf. He often goes to the golf course at the Atlanta Athletic Club and considers it his “happy place.”



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How old is Jeff Daniels?

Daniels’ age is not known. However, McMahan is 32 years old and she was born on March 15, 1987, making her a Pisces.

They're likely around the same age, give or take a few years.

They have a cute puppy. 

Daniels and McMahan have a very cute French bulldog named Rigatoni whom they basically consider their child. They both love to post cute photos of their dog on their Instagram pages.

How long have Heather and Jeff been together? 

McMahan and Daniels have been together for ten years.

Heather says the secret to their relationship being so successful is, “At the end of the day, we invest in each other, like people invest in a start up. Jeff and I met when we were 22. We both had big dreams and it has not been glamorous along the way but I think it's just finding somebody who's going to be your [expletive] cheerleade."


"If you're independent and the other person is independent, then when you come together you're just that much stronger. But you've got to have your own thing and you've got to have your own passions. If you're staying in your lane and doing what fulfills you, that only makes you a better person to your partner.”

The couple moved to New York together. 

In 2015, Heather McMahan moved back home to Atlanta to help her family after they lost her father to cancer.

She moved in with her mother, Robin, and her sister, Ashley, to help them adjust after the death. However, this move was supposed to be temporary but McMahan ended up staying with her family until 2019. 

Following her father's she and Jeff decided to officially move to New York City.


However, with COVID-19 making city living difficult, the couple moved back to Atlanta to be closer to McMahan's family.

McMahan explained the situation, "[New York] has been a fun experience. Honestly, it's kinda been like summer camp in the best way possible. My mom's widowed — I lost my dad a couple of years ago — and I just always want to make sure I keep an eye on her."

"I think about what the future looks like when I'm able to get back on the road, and I'm like, she's going to have to come to every show with me and be on the tour bus! It just feels so good to have everybody under one roof." 

McMahan and Daniels had to postpone their wedding in Italy because of COVID-19. 

The couple originally planned to get married on September 26th, 2020, in Italy. However, due to COVID-19, they had to push back their wedding and are now going with the flow.


Of the delay, McMahan said, "Nobody knows what the next step is. I think you have to be flexible and just go along for the ride. Basically, just grab a bottle, hunker down and pray for daylight." 

They're still planning on having their wedding in Italy because they are both Italian but they haven't set a new date yet. They may even end up eloping!   

So far, they haven’t even had an engagement party together yet or have even gotten a chance to celebrate their marriage.


McMahan and Daniels tied the knot on Dec. 21.

Surprise! Heather McMahan and Jeff Daniels tied the knot on Dec. 21, 2020.

McMahan took to Instagram to reveal the exciting news, hilariously captioning a sweet snap, "Our accountant told us to do it, so we did. Don’t worry, Italy party is still happening."


Thousands of fans of the comedian congratulated her and her new hubby in the Instagram comments, and fellow celebs couldn't stop gushing about the news. 

"Stoppp congrats you two! Also, that dress is everything," influencer Arielle Lorre wrote, while podcast host Taylor Strecker added, "Yesssssss!!!! Carrie and Big style!!!!! Congratulations."

Hopefully once the pandemic winds down, the couple will have ample chance to celebrate their beautiful relationship — in Heather McMahan style!

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