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Comedian Fortune Feimster Weds Partner Jacquelyn Smith In Beautiful Beach Ceremony

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Fortune Feimster and Jacquelyn Smith

Fortune Feimster is officially off the market!

The comedian tied the knot with her partner, Jacquelyn Smith, in a beautiful ceremony in Malibu, California on Oct. 23.

"I was excited," Feimster said. "We've been together for five-and-a-half years. If you don't know who you're marrying after five-and-a-half years, then you're in trouble. So I knew it felt good, it felt right."

Feimster has never been shy about being in a committed, long-term relationship.

Who is Fortune Feimster's wife, Jacquelyn Smith?

Below is everything you ought to know about the love of her life, Jacquelyn Smith.

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She and Jacquelyn Smith have been engaged since January 2018.

Feimster proposed to Smith on January 5, 2018 during a trip to Big Sur, California.

Commented Feimster within an Instagram post captioned, "After two and a half years with my beautiful lady, she’s officially my feyoncé."

Along with that comment, Feimster published a series of photos to Instagram on January 5, 2018, including one in which Smith is seen wrapping her arm about Feimster and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

A nicely-sized engagement ring was visible on Smith's left hand.


After two and a half years with my beautiful lady, she’s officially my feyoncé.

A post shared by Fortune Feimster (@fortunefeimster) on Jan 5, 2018 at 4:26pm PST

Femister's friends and former co-stars couldn't wait for her and Smith to tie the knot.

With the announcement of Feimster's engagement via Instagram immediately came congratulations from her co-star on The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling.

Said Kaling, "This is exciting!! I will officiate." Feimster promptly responded: "YES PLEASE!!"

Actress Olivia Munn, who worked with Feimster within the film Office Christmas Party, also chimed in. She commented: "Omg!! I call dibs on walking you down the aisle!!!"

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Jacquelyn Smith has a background in education.

A native of Michigan, Smith graduated from Michigan State University for her undergraduate studies. She had earned a bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Management in 2002.

Smith attended Chicago State University for her graduate studies and graduated with a masters in Elementary Education in 2007. This led her to work as a kindergarten teacher in the Chicago area for close to a decade.

Smith is reportedly now a teacher at the Citizens Of The World school in Los Angeles.

Feimster and Smith have worked together professionally.

While Feimster is a popular comedian and actress and Smith is a teacher by trade, the two share a passion project in their spare time. The two regularly work together on the Sincerely Fortune podcast.

Sincerely Fortune is a weekly show — new episodes post every Tuesday — where Feimster and Smith, often with special guest stars, go "behind the curtain to discuss a new topic every week."

On the January 29, 2020 episode, Smith is heard interviewing Feimster about her comedy career and the struggles of her early days. Smith is often addressed on the show by the nickname "Jax."

Feimster and Smith regularly appear together beyond their podcast.

Those who follow Feimster on Instagram should be accustomed to seeing and reading about Smith regularly.

For starters, in a February 2, 2020 Instagram post, Feimster posted a photo of her and Smith in a pool and commented, "Happy Birthday to my sweet Jax! I am so lucky I met her five years ago because life is truly better with her in it."

"She’s always so giving and making sacrifices and I just really appreciate all she does for me," she added. "She doesn’t get nearly the amount of credit she should but I’m able to do what I do because she’s always by my side and helping me."

:So show her some love," she continued. "She’s the most fun, most wonderful, beautiful partner I could ever ask for. I love you."

Feimster had posted a photo of Smith sleeping the day prior. In addition to that, a January 10, 2020 post showed the two together in Aspen, Colorado, while just a few days prior, the two were shown at the Golden Globes in a pair of photos published on January 5th.

Smith has public social media accounts of her own.

While partners of celebrities often hide, Smith is indeed someone you can follow on social media. She maintains public accounts on Instagram and Facebook beyond her LinkedIn account.

Smith does not appear to use her Facebook or LinkedIn accounts much, but her 20,000+ Instagram followers know to expect a few new postings each week. Many of Smith's Instagram posts show Feimster, although their dog seems to be the star of the account.

Now that you're familiar with Jacquelyn Smith, here are some fast facts about Fortune Feimster.

Fortune Feimster stand-up: how did she get her start?

Fortune Feimster — born Emily Fortune Feimster in Charlotte, North Carolina — first pursued comedy professionally after moving to Los Angeles in 2003.

She joined the famed Groundlings Theatre in 2005 and several years later wound up in Groundlings' Sunday Company.

Feimster's first crack into the mainstream was in 2010 by appearing on NBC's Last Comic Standing.

This led to appearances on After Lately and Chelsea Lately, which spotlighted Feimster as a comic to follow.

People can't get enough of Fortune Feimster's "Brenda and Tim" bit.

One of Feimster's funniest bits is her "Brenda and Tim" sketch, where she takes on the persona of a Southern woman named Brenda who loves Chili's.

Fortune Feimster's YouTube channel is full of hilarious videos.

Not only does she post clips of her stand-up routines, she also posts funny videos of herself in character. 

Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty is one of her funniest comedy specials.

Her first hour-long comedy special, Sweet & Salty, was released via Netflix on January 21st.

Fortune Feimster's Instagram features her wife quite often.

"I hit the quarantine jackpot with this one," she wrote of Smith on August 23.

What is Fortune Feimster's net worth?

Fortune Feimster is reportedly worth around $2 million.

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