Is Darcey Silva Pregnant? Reality Star Hints At Big Announcement

She already has two kids from her first marriage.

Is Darcey Silva Pregnant? Reality Star Hints At Big Announcement Youtube

TLC fans have been following the antics of Stacey and Darcey Silva on their new show. Darcey and Stacey has been heavy on the high stakes drama, with a big plotline about Stacey Silva learning that her fiancé Florian Sukaj may be cheating on her. Never one to be outdone, twin sister Darcey appears to be on the verge of dropping a serious bomb on an upcoming episode. Fans are wondering what the big reveal could be and speculating that it's news about a baby.


Is Darcey Silva pregnant?

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There have been a couple of signals that Silva is potentially pregnant. The perennial reality star is a loving mom and she would probably like to have more children just because she loves it. But she might also be hoping a pregnancy could solidify her new relationship with her boyfriend, Georgi Rusev. Not only that, it would definitely get her an additional season on TLC, which no one can deny is probably on her mind. Here's a few clues that point a potential pregnancy:


Darcey Siliva isn't drinking.

At one point in a recent episode of the show, Silva got up from a meal to grab a beverage. But instead of a cocktail, she made a point of saying that she was getting a soda. For fans of the twins, that was a bit of a red flag. Neither Darcey or Stacey is usually averse to having a drink or two. In fact, Silva's drinking was a major source of conflict between her and Jesse Meester. Not drinking is very out of character. 

She left fans with a cliffhanger.

In the teaser for upcoming episodes, TLC showed Silva getting ready to drop some big news on her friends over dinner. The camera cut to a confessional shot of the star and she said that "something has come up" and she hasn't told anyone, not even producers. That could be any number of things, of course, but a pregnancy announcement is definitely something that merits that kind of build-up.  

Can Darcey Silva get pregnant?

The twins are 45 years old which isn't necessarily too old to get pregnant but it might be a difficult task. Silva talked on the show about her conversations about kids with Meester and said they had discussed getting in vitro fertilization if they wanted to have a baby together. It's not totally clear if they were talking about assistive reproductive technology because they thought Darcey would have trouble conceiving or if they were just laying out all the options. But even if Darcey as worried about her age affecting her fertility, that doesn't mean she couldn't get pregnant the old-fashioned way.

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Darcey Silva doesn't look pregnant.

Silva has over a million fans on Instagram now but she is very good at keeping that account ambiguous. TLC asks its reality stars to avoid spoilers and Darcey is a master at keeping secrets until they are shown on air. The photos she has on Instagram right now sure don't look like someone carrying a baby but we don't know when her most recent pictures were actually taken. She could be in bed with a big belly, eating pickles and ice cream while she uses old photos on social media to throw fans off. 



A post shared by Darcey Silva (@darceysilva) on Sep 13, 2020 at 3:29pm PDT

A recently posted photo of Darcey Silva.


Are Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev still together?

Fans who have followed Silva through her many TLC appearances know that her track record of relationship isn't stellar. She has had two other romances that went nowhere and ended acrimoniously. She was optimistic about her new relationship with Rusev, a model and masseur who lives in Washington, DC, but that doesn't mean it all worked out as planned. He isn't on her Instagram page at all these days, but she does still follow him. His account is private and we haven't been able to get a peek at what he posts. So we can't say for sure if they are still a couple or not. 

Darcey Silva is already a mom to two daughters.

Darcey has two daughters who are both in their teens. Silva adores her two girls and frequently gushes about them on her Instagram account. She appears to be a devoted mother and would probably welcome another child happily into the family.  

So is Darcey Silva pregnant? Fans will have to watch the next episode of Darcey and Stacey to find out for sure. 


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