Are Darcey And Jesse From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?

The fashion designer and fitness model looked like a match made in heaven. But are they?

 Are Darcey and Jesse from 90-day fiancé still together?

 Are Darcey and Jesse from 90-day Fiancé still together? Last summer TLC expanded their hit 90 Day Fiance franchise with 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. The program tracked couples who were meeting — often for the first time — to decide if they were ready to pop the question and begin the process of applying for the foreign member of the couple to come to the US.

One of the featured couples was Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester. Darcey is a 43-year-old American fashion designer and Jesse is a 25-year-old Dutch model with a military background. Jesse is indisputably gorgeous and probably everyone watching the show at first was thinking "Damn girl! Go get it!". But as the season went on, it became clear that Jesse's pretty face hid a more complicated and less pretty,personality. 


Where are the two reality stars now? And will we be seeing them together on the new season of Before the 90 Days? Read on to find out.

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1. Love at First Skype

Darcey and Jesse met online and forged their relationship from opposite sides of the Atlantic, talking online for months without ever being in the same room. The personal trainer and the mom of two met for the first time when Darcey headed to Amsterdam to stay with Jesse for a few weeks. 

2. Learning to Love

Darcey and Jesse immediately embarked on some adventures together in Amsterdam, though their approach to life turned out to be a little different. Meanwhile, Darcey was dropping broad hints about wanting to get officially engaged, despite Jesse being reluctant to commit. 


3. Control Freak

Darcey decides to enjoy her time in Amsterdam to the fullest and even spent some time getting drinks with Jesse's mom. Instead of being happy that his girlfriend and mother are enjoying each other's company, he gets annoyed that Darcey came home a little drunk, even though Darcey is a grown woman who can do what she wants. He later makes her promise never to drink alcohol again.

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4. Drama Mama

Even though Darcey and Jesse's mom get along, his parents still aren't that helpful when it comes to encouraging their relationship. Jesse's stepdad tell Darcey that she's jumping the gun thinking about kids already when the relationship is so new. 


5. Why Can't We Be Friends

Jesse's friend has some issues with the age difference and expresses open skepticism about their future together.

6. Will You...

Despite the questions from friends and family (and the outrage by viewers who think Jesse is really controlling after the wine incident), Darcey is still hoping for a big proposal. When Jesse drops to his knee in a Dutch windmill, she thinks the big moment has arrived. But has it? Spoiler: The clips cuts out but the moment has NOT arrived. Jesse gives Darcey a promise ring — not an engagement ring — and TV audiences watched as the joy leaves her eyes, replaced by confusion and barely concealed irritation that he'd stage a stunt like that and not follow through.


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7. Tell All

Darcey and Jesse appeared together at the tell all after filming the season and it wasn't a happy reunion. He fluctuated from smugness to anger, and blamed Darcey for every problem they have.

8. Flying solo?

For the past few months, both Jesse and Darcey have been posting to social media and they're focused on their careers, with no sign of the relationship. Did the two of them split? Or have they just kept their relationship off Instagram?


A post shared by Jesse Meester (@jessemeester) on Dec 20, 2017 at 4:36am PST

Wait, is Mr. Darcey Can Never Drink Again holding champagne? Yes. Yes, he is. 


9. New Season

This week TLC released a trailer for a new season of Before the 90 Days and it looks like Darcey and Jesse are front and center, trying to work out their differences. She still wans to get married, and he still wants to control her every move and make her feel bad. 

Are the two of them going to finally get their happy ending? Or will Darcey have enough of Jesse's controlling ways? The new season starts in August so we will find out.
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