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The 13 Best Barron Trump Memes And GIFs On The Internet

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The 13 Best Barron Trump Memes And GIFs On The Internet

The 2020 election is just around the corner, and of course, all eyes are on the Trump family as Donald Trump prepares for his re-election campaign. While Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump are all regular names that circulate through daily headlines, Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump, has also been the talk of the internet lately. And we all know one thing: with internet fame, there’s always going to be memes. Here are some of the best Barron Trump memes and gifs on the internet right now. 

Barron Trump memes and gifs:

1. Has Barron Trump been replaced?

During a State of the Union address in 2018, social media users joked about Barron Trump being recast by the Trump family, as the boy sitting next to Melania was definitely NOT Barron.

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2. Barron Trump: future basketball star.

After a video of Barron Trump walking side by side with his parents and towering over them circulated the internet, social media users couldn’t stop speculating about Barron’s height. Many Twitter users pointed out that at just 14 years old, Barron had to be at least 6’4 - 6’6, which is an optimal height for basketball. So naturally, the basketball jokes and sports references started rolling in.

3. Barron Trump is over it.

On election night in 2016, Barron Trump was spotted looking incredibly bored and over the whole thing while on stage with his father.

4. Parents just don't understand.

Growing up in the public eye is tough for any kid — especially when you’re the president’s kid. However, it seems like Barron Trump is just like any other teenager who’s forced to be around their parents all the time: over it, and ready to put out a mixtape about it.

5. "Wrong answers only": Barron Trump edition.

“Wrong answers only” memes are pretty popular on Twitter, and this one picturing Post Malone with his new line of wine is no different. When posed with the question, “Who is this?!? Wrong answers only,” one Twitter user responded, “Barron Trump in 10 years.”

6. Barron Trump: the expert.

Barron Trump’s “The Expert” t-shirt spawned a lot of memes back in 2017, and this one about hacking into your neighbor’s router is something a lot of people who can guess a simple password on the first try can relate to.

7. The eye roll felt around the world.

Barron Trump’s eye roll during his father’s speech echoes what a lot of us are thinking whenever the president opens his mouth.


8. Is Barron Trump the new Draco Malfoy?

Another “wrong answers only” meme that social media users jumped on. While one Twitter user saw Barron Trump as Draco Malfoy, another simply responded, “Save Draco 2020.” 

9. Free Barron.

Many social media users aren’t actually against Barron Trump at all — they’re actually concerned for him. “FREE BARRON TRUMP,” one Twitter user pleaded.

10. What does Barron Trump's voice sound like?

We all know Barron Trump is taller than, well, most people he’s around. Remember when he stood next to VP Mike Pence last month, and the top of Pence’s head barely reached Barron’s chest? Not only have people speculated about Barron’s height, they’ve also wondered what Barron sounds like.

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11. Mob theory.

After Eric Trump tweeted a random conspiracy theory about Google manipulating the search results for “mob” or “mobs,” one Twitter user poked fun at the bizarre tweet.

12. Protect the hair.

There’s been talks of a strained relationship between Donald Trump and Barron Trump, and sometimes, a picture really does say a thousand words. 

13. Is that you, Barron?

Trump is known for having the caps lock on his keyboard at all times, and it’s also a well-known fact that he’s not as close with his youngest daughter, Tiffany, either.

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