3 New Moon In Virgo Rituals For September 17th To Lead A Healthier Lifestyle

This New Moon is all about the gut.

New Moon In Virgo Rituals For September 17th To Lead A Healthier Lifestyle shutterstock

There's something so shiny and the idea of newness, and though the Virgo New Moon isn't visible to the eye, we get that sense that something's coming. And if we put our minds to it, that something is going to be good.

It's September and we're now moving into Virgo, a very special zodiac sign. And it's going to be important for us to honor this specialness by concentrating on what this New Moon shines its (invisible) light on.


On September 17th, there are three New Moon rituals to perform.

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But it's also important for us to take care of our pancreas, our intestines and our digestive tract. That means we need to watch what we eat and set aside a plan, in ritual form, for gut health.

No, it's not "diet time," nor is it time to obsess over weight gain or loss. It's about health, and there's no better time than during the New Moon in Virgo to start our new healthy food-related lifestyle.

New Moon Ritual 1: Believe in hope once again.



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We've fallen behind in our hopefulness, so it's time to call upon the cosmic forces to bring back to us what we've lost. 


Stand in front of a mirror. Set your mind for neutrality; this isn't the time for judging yourself or for self-hate.

Your reflection is only the house for the spirit within you. Look into your own eyes and say, aloud, "In this very moment, I am alive with hope." Look deeply into your own eyes as if you can see past the veil and into your own soul. "I am alive with hope."

You need not visualize a scenario in the future. All you need to do is affirm that, at this very second in time, hope not only springs eternal, but that it's your very nature. And if you're alive with hope, you're alive with positive potential.

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New Moon Ritual 2: Honor your body.

The organs influenced by the New Moon in Virgo are the neck, throat, vocal cords and thyroid. While Virgo rules the stomach, the New Moon is there for us to vocalize, out loud, our belief in the blessing that is our body.

This ritual is about repetitive affirmation and the Law of Attraction. If we put attention on the concept of our own radiant health, we will manifest that health as we see it.

Our New Moon affirmations are:

I respect my body and treat it well.

I radiate good health and well-being.

I eat to support my beautiful, blessed body.

My mind is one with my body.

I abuse no foods, drinks or drugs.

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New Moon Ritual 3: Cleanse yourself of impurity.



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Because this New Moon is about the gut, it would be a good time to start thinking about doing a cleanse or a 1 day fast to clear out impurities.

Start the day out with a cool glass of water, or something light, like ginger or chamomile tea. No coffee today — we're purifying!


Allow yourself to be conscious of what you eat, and ask yourself if what you're putting in your mouth is healthy, or if it's just "there." Eat with intention.

Infuse the food you eat with the love and gratitude you have for being so blessed as to have food. Cherish each bite and stop when you're almost full.

On this day, offer your meals to the New Moon. Before you take a bite, close your eyes and wave your hands over your plate, saying, "Thank you for the opportunity to improve my health."

Sit and contemplate how lucky you are, while you digest. Gratitude is the key to a happy life.

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Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.