Married At First Sight: Where Does Christina Live?

The mystery surrounding Henry and Christina continues.

Married At First Sight: Where Does Christina Live? Lifetime / YouTube

Season 11 of Married at First Sight is well underway, and while the couples just got back from their amazing honeymoons in Mexico, the reality of being married to a stranger is setting in for some. 

On the most recent episode of the hit Lifetime series, the couples showed their new significant others their living spaces and gathered some of their belongings before moving into their brand-new apartments the experts found for them. However, when it came time for Christina to show Henry her place, she revealed that she kept most of her possessions in her car, sparking theories that the flight attendant may actually not have a permanent home.


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Married At First Sight: Where does Christina live?

While it’s known that this season of Married at First Sight takes place in New Orleans, it’s unknown where Christina actually lives. Keep in mind, Christina is a flight attendant, which means she travels for a living and is away for days and sometimes weeks at a time. 


When Dr. Pepper Schwartz did an initial home check before Christina and Henry got married, Christina was reportedly staying at an Airbnb. Many fans think that because of her job, she doesn’t have a permanent residence and likely stays with her mom while she’s in New Orleans.

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“If I was Henry I would've asked more questions to understand Christina's living situation,” one fan tweeted. “At a minimum seems like she would have been staying with her mom. It's weird her stuff was in a car. And she said that like it's normal.”

Is Christina homeless?

Another theory about Christina’s living situation is that she doesn’t exactly have one, and just stays at different friends’ places when she isn’t working. Again, to reiterate, Christina is a flight attendant who travels excessively, so does it actually make sense for her to waste money on rent or a mortgage when she’s likely never there? 

Regardless of her actual living situation, fans aren’t too impressed with Christina’s attitude towards Henry and her comments about his studio apartment.


“So Christina criticized Henry for not having much stuff and the whole time she’s homeless,” one fan wrote. “It’s the audacity for me.”

Does Christina actually live in California?

Some fans theorized that Christina doesn’t even live in New Orleans at all, as it seems like most of her stuff is in storage in California. 


“I think Christina is from California,” one fan wrote. “She drove to New Orleans to audition for the show because there’s less competition. Proof is she has no place to live and has all her stuff in her car. She lied to Henry and told him she had a house.”

Do Henry and Christina stay together?

While we have to wait until the end of the season to find out which couples stay together, fans have been convinced from day one that Henry and Christina will call it quits, as their lack of chemistry and awkward interactions are almost too painful for MAFS fans to watch.


Also, there’s the fact that Henry dropped a massive truth bomb about not being attracted to Christina in a romantic way and only seeing her as a friend, which we can all agree is...not a very good sign.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays on Lifetime at 8 p.m. ET.


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