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Are 'Married At First Sight' Stars Stephanie And AJ Together?

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Are Married At First Sight Stephanie And AJ Together?

On the surface, the Lifetime TV show Married at First Sight is a terrifying notion: You meet someone and marry them all at once, and you're doing it on camera. Though the show gives you a season to decide whether you want to make a go of things or call it quits, it still isn't exactly a decision to enter into lightly. That's something one couple this season knows far too well. 

Stephanie and AJ are the resident older couple on the program, and when I say older, god help me, I mean 35 and 37 respectively, as a 35-year-old myself I find calling this "older" repulsive, but what can you do? Anyhow, this couple has been struggling to make a go of things all season long, so the question now is, do they make it? Do they go the distance, or do they call their made for TV marriage quits? Here's everything we know so far. 

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1. Final Night Together 

On Tuesday, March 26's episode of Married at First Sight, the couples all got to spend one final night together before the show's finale. Obviously, their feelings going into this final decision are probably very different than their feelings going into it. We'll have to wait until the finale to know for sure what everyone decides, but there are definitely some clues we can examine to help us get a pretty good sense of how things are going to shake out, especially for fan favorite Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller. 

Going into the show, Stephanie, 35 seemed starry-eyed about the idea of what marriage had to offer. Prior to their wedding on the show, Stephanie said "I want to be married more than anything. I'm the last one in my family to be married and I'm just looking for that lifetime partnership," she added. "Being together with that person no matter what, through thick and thin. I'm ready to not be alone in my life anymore." On their wedding day, AJ gushed about the entire event to the watching cameras, saying: "It hit me, I'm finally going to have a wife. And I cannot wait to meet her and hopefully impress her."

2. What Stephanie's Thinking

Now that decision time is drawing close, fans are watching with heated anticipation to see how things will shake out. Especially knowing that one couple (as has been revealed in internet spoilers) has already split up. But is it going to be Stephanie and AJ who fall apart? On last night's episode, Stephanie spoke candidly about her issues with AJ and what it could mean for their future lives together as husband and wife. 

“AJ’s frustrations can sometimes get overwhelming,” she said. “I worry about what troubles may come in the future.” Because Stephanie takes the relationship seriously, she tried to address these feelings with AJ on camera, but it didn't exactly go the way she wanted it to. AJ seemed less interested in listening to what she had to say and more interested in taking little bites of food off of her plate. Thankfully, Stephanie wasn't put off by that and added, “I see it and, of course, it’s not anything that I want to see again,” she said. “Unfortunately, you can’t always put on your best self.”

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3. What AJ's Thinking 

AJ and Stephanie seem committed to each other, and that's part of what makes them a perceived sure thing according to fans of the show. AJ has held his cards close to his chest, and his Instagram page (and hers, blast it all) are marked as private, but on the show, they have both made a serious commitment to making this marriage work. 

When you add to that, the fact that they are both in their late 30s and ready to start a family, it seems like the stakes are much higher for this duo. Even though one couple has already split up, it seems unlikely that it's going to be these two. 

4. The Two Couples Likely To Split 

Keith and Kristine haven't had very many problems, but Kristine has admitted that sometimes Keith drives her nuts. That's normal in any marriage, and if Keith steps up his game and tells her how he really feels about her, they may stand a shot at making this whole marriage thing work. 

Couple Kate and Luke are on much, much, shakier ground. Kate admits there's something compelling about Luke, and she likes the idea of them having that storybook ending, but she also has serious doubts which she shared with her friends on the show, saying “I realize I’m not myself (with Luke). My heart is saying look out for yourself, so that’s what I’m trying to do even though I want to be married more than anything. … I’m leaning towards a divorce.” 

5. Who Still Needs To Decide 

What the future holds is very much up in the air, and not just for Stephanie and AJ, but for all the couples. The couple that is the best example of this is Jasmine and Will.

While Will he says that he's leaning towards them staying together, Jasmine seems honestly at a total loss about what she'll do, saying “I am starting to learn that Will is leaning to stay together and that makes me feel a little bit scared I’ll be disappointed if it’s over because I do like Will, but I’m not sure if we are a match in the long term.”

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