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11 Things You Never Knew About Jen Atkin, The Kardashians' Hairstylist

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11 Things You Never Knew About Jen Atkin, The Kardashians' Hairstylist

Unless you’re a Keeping Up with the Kardashians superfan, you might not know who celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin is. However, I can guarantee that if you’ve ever seen pictures of A-listers like Hailey Bieber, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Dua Lipa, and of course, all of the Kardashians, then you’re familiar with Jen Atkin’s talent as a hairstylist.

While Jen Atkin is undoubtedly one of the best hairstylists out there, she’s also a multifaceted woman of many talents and passions. 

Who is Jen Atkin, the Kardashians' hairstylist?

1. Jen Atkin is a Pisces.

Jen Atkin was born in Utah on March 10, 1980, which makes her a Pisces. Judging from her Instagram feed and all of the pictures she posts of animals, current issues plaguing the country, and all things homebody, it seems like Jen is a true Pisces through and through.


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2. Jen Atkin started her career as a receptionist.

She didn’t get thrust into the celebrity spotlight right away. “I moved to LA in 2000 and basically started looking in Allure’s salon directory; I would just call the hot salons,” she said.  

“Finally I got a call back after probably a year from a salon on Beverly Boulevard; they were looking for a receptionist so I started off there,” she added. “I then worked there as a manager and kind of learned the money side of things.”

3. Jen Atkin styled Lindsay Lohan’s hair for her eHarmony profile.

Jen Atkin styled The Parent Trap alum’s hair for a Funny or Die short of her eHarmony video profile. 

She also has three other film/TV credits: Asia’s Next Top Model, The 38th Annual People’s Choice Awards, and Madonna: The Confessions Tour Live From London.

4. Jen Atkin founded her own company, Ouai. 

Jen has her own haircare line called Ouai, which is an informal way of saying “oui” in French. 

“Ouai means ‘yes,’ in that casual, Parisian way,” the website reads. "It’s about saying ‘yes’ to real hair for real life. And to looking chic, no matter how many followers you have.”

5. She’s active in politics.

One scroll through Jen Atkin’s Instagram page will show you that she’s passionate about current issues and the political climate of the United States.


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Aside from encouraging her followers to vote, she posts useful information about the Black Lives Matter movement, and regularly shows her support for the LGBTQ community. 

6. Jen Atkin is BFFs with Chrissy Teigen, yoo.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Jen Atkin has a slew of celebrity friends; after all, she is a celebrity hair stylist. However, she’s really good friends with Chrissy Teigen, and even cuts Chrissy’s daughter Luna’s hair!


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Back in 2018, Jen even joked that Luna looked more like “Uncle Mike” (her husband) than she did John Legend. If you can joke about stuff like that, then your friendship has to be as tight as they come!


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7. Jen Atkin is a published writer.

The 40-year-old entrepreneur recently announced that she had written a book called Blowing My Way to the Top, which is an incredibly excellent play on words for a book about making it in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. 


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She also has a column in Glamour Magazine where she writes about haircare, styling tips and tricks, skincare, and more.

8. She’s serious about mental health awareness.

Kendall Jenner is one of Jen Atkin’s dearest clients and friends, so of course she took the #howareyoureallychallenge when Kendall tagged her in it in. 


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The hairstylist got candid about her mental health and how the current state of the world is weighing on her, which was refreshing to watch. 

“I’ve been a bit hard on myself [in quarantine],” Jen revealed. “So I’ve been trying to practice self-compassion and focusing on the positive.”

9. Jen Atkin is an animal lover.

Not only does Jen post countless photos of her two adorable rescue pups on her Instagram on a regular basis, her hair care line, Oaui, makes products for animals, including dog shampoo. 

10. Jen Atkin is an avid cook.

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s quarantine. The dog mom of two regularly shows off her cooking chops on Instagram, and like everyone else in the beginning of the Coronavirus lockdown, she and her hubby, Mike Rosenthal, hopped on the breadmaking bandwagon in the early months of 2020. 


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11. Jen Atkin takes Halloween very seriously.

Award for best couple’s costume goes to Jen and her husband, Mike! 


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The couple dressed as the iconic characters of Morticia and Gomez from The Addams Family for Halloween last year, and seriously, if they didn’t bring home some type of prize for this, I’d like to put on my Karen wig and speak to the manager of Halloween. 

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