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Gigi Hadid Is Pregnant! Inside Reports She's Expecting Her First Child With Zayn Malik

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Gigi Hadid Is Pregnant! Inside Reports That She's Expecting Her First Child With Zayn Malik

Is Gigi Hadid pregnant? After weeks of stories featuring nothing but gloom and doom, it's nice to get a bit of news that brightens everyone's day. 

It's always a good day when word of a new baby coming is announced — and it's even better news when the impending baby is the product of two of everyone's faves. 

Thanks to a source close to both the soon-to-be mom and the soon-to-be dad, it's been all but confirmed that there will be another gorgeous baby on the horizon courtesy of Zayn Malik.

You read that right. This is not a drill. 

Gigi Hadid is pregnant!

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Let's look at what we know about this just-announced bit of good news. 

She's about 20 weeks along.

According to a source close to the couple, Hadid is about 20 weeks — or five months — along in her pregnancy, meaning that she's due sometime in August or September 2020. The source also confirmed that Malik is the father. 

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been on and off for years. 

Though Hadid and Malik recently got back together in December 2019, they have been on and off since 2016. When they first got together, Hadid claimed that she and Malik were "just friends," even though he wrote his hit song, "Pillow Talk," about her, and he split with his then-fiancè, Perrie Edwards, to be with her. 

A family source confirms that the couple is "overjoyed" at the baby news. 

"Gigi and Zayn are expecting their first child together and the couple is very excited! Gigi has kept the secret close to her family and friends for a while as she’s only a few months along. Once Gigi and Zayn got back together at the end of last year it was like they never skipped a beat and knew what they had was special. The couple and their families are overjoyed," reported the source.

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Malik is the third member of One Direction to become a father. 

Although Malik's impending fatherhood is definitely exciting for One Direction fans, he's not the first member of One Direction to become a daddy. That title goes to Louis Tomlinson, who was the first member of One Direction to become a father when his son, Freddie, arrived in 2016 (Freddie's mother is One Direction stylist Briana Jungwirth). Just one year later, Liam Payne became a father when he welcomed his son, Bear, with musician Cheryl Cole. Though Malik hasn't been part of the boy band for awhile though, there's also rumors One Direction may be reuniting with the most burning question, of course, being: Will Malik be part of it?

The couple is currently quarantined together in Pennsylvania. 

While this is certainly a momentous time, it's even better to know that Hadid and Malik are quarantined together, so they can enjoy the ups and downs of pregnancy together. Thanks to the threat of COVID-19, Hadid and Malik are quarantined on the Hadid family compound in Pennsylvania with Hadid's supermodel sister, Bella, and Real Housewives star (and mom!) Yolanda. 

Their last public date was in January 2020. 

Just a few weeks before the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed, fans of both Hadid and Malik were treated to a set of pictures of the newly-rekindled couple enjoying a birthday dinner for Malik in New York City. And though it's unconfirmed, at this point, it's suggested that Hadid was about 5 weeks along in her pregnancy when those birthday photos were taken. 

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Congratulations, again, are in order for the happy couple!

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