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Where Was Kamala Harris Born?

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Where Was Kamala Harris Born?

It took approximately 13 seconds for President Trump to start spewing birther conspiracy theories about where Kamala Harris was born after Joe Biden announced that she would be his VP running mate in the 2020 election. It shouldn’t come as a shock, though, considering Trump used the same tactics on President Barack Obama for, you know, the entirety of Obama’s presidency. 


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Where was Kamala Harris born?

Let it be known far and wide that Kamala Harris was born in Oakland, California on October 20, 1964 to Jamaican and Indian parents. For all those birther conspiracy theorists, California is in fact, the 31st state of the United States of America.

What is Kamala Harris's ethnicity?

Kamala Harris is Jamaican and Indian. Her father was born in Saint Ann's Bay, Jamaica in 1938 and moved to the United States in 1963. Her mother was born in Madras (now Chennai), India in 1938 and moved to the United States in the '60s.

Who are Kamala Harris’s parents?

Kamala Harris’s parents are Shyamala Gopalan Harris and Donald Harris, who met at Berkely during the Civil Rights movement in the '60s. Her parents both dedicated their lives to academics and research; Shyamala was a breast cancer researcher for much of her career, and Donald was a renowned professor at Stanford.


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Although her parents split when she was just seven years old, Kamala continues to share the great impact both of her parents have had on her and her sister, Maya.

“My parents marched and shouted in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. It’s because of them and the folks who also took to the streets to fight for justice that I am where I am. They laid the path for me, as only the second Black woman ever elected to the United States Senate,” she wrote in an Instagram post. 


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“Years later, we are still fighting for justice and to confront the systemic racism that has plagued our country since its earliest days. But the power of this movement cannot be denied. Change is possible,” she added.

Who is Kamala Harris married to?

Kamala Harris is married to Doug Emhoff, an attorney who describes himself as a “highly experienced litigator” who “represents large domestic and international corporations and some of today's highest profile individuals and influencers in complex business, real estate and intellectual property litigation disputes.”

The pair met after their friend, PR consultant Chrisette Hudlin, set them up on a blind date in 2013. Kamala and Doug hit it off right away, and got married in August of 2014. 

Who is Kamala Harris’s niece?

Kamala Harris’s niece is Meena Harris, who is the daughter of her sister, Maya Harris. Meena, a 35-year-old lawyer, mother, and best-selling author, is one of her aunt’s number one supporters, and when she heard the official news about Kamala’s VP nom, she wasted no time expressing how she felt during the historic moment.

Meena wrote a children’s book called Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea, which is based on the real story of her mom, Maya, and of course, her future-VP aunt, Kamala Harris.

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