Meet Meena Harris — Lawyer, Children's Book Author, And Niece Of Kamala Harris

Meet Meena Harris!.

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After what seemed like years of awaiting the 2020 election results, we can finally say that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be in the White House come January 20, 2021. 

While people from all across the country expressed their excitement (and relief) over the election results, one person in particular couldn’t contain her feelings regarding the big news — and that person is Kamala Harris’s own niece, Meena Harris.


And just ahead of Inauguration Day, the 36-year-old activist and entrepreneur is gearing up for another monumental moment in American history, as her aunt will be sworn in as the first Black and South Asian woman Vice President of the United States.

Who is Kamala Harris’s niece, Meena Harris?

Meena Harris is the daughter of Maya Harris, Kamala Harris’ sister — read on to find out everything you need to know about Meena Harris.

Meena Harris is a "Phenomenal Woman."

Meena lives in the Bay Area in Northern California and is a 36-year-old lawyer, best-selling author, mother, activist, and founder/CEO of Phenomenal, a “female-powered lifestyle brand that brings awareness to causes” that is “100% Black and brown owned + women led.”



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How old was Maya Harris when she had Meena?

Maya Harris was only 17 years old when she had Meena.


Meena Harris is the author of Kamala and Maya's Big Idea.

Meena recently published a children’s book called Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea; the titular characters are based on the real story of her mom, Maya, and of course, her VP aunt, Kamala Harris.

In a Twitter thread, Meena explained that she wrote the book because of the current political and societal climate of the United States:

“I wavered on posting this. Today I published my first book. I'm proud of it & hope it can bring you some joy in what is otherwise a very dark time. But candidly I‘m tired & angry,” she wrote. “My daughters—all of our kids—deserve a better America free from anti-black racism & police violence.

Ultimately I decided to share this because I’ve heard from so many parents over the last week who are struggling to talk to their kids about what’s going on. We know books can challenge assumptions about the way our children see the world, and change the way they see themselves.”

She is also the author of Ambitious Girl, which is now available everywhere. You can order a copy of the highly-anticipated children's book here


Is Meena Harris married?

Meena Harris is married to Nikolas Ajagu; the pair reportedly met while they were working at Facebook together in 2007. 

In 2018, the couple celebrated their five-year anniversary, and Meena wrote a sweet tribute to Nik on Instagram.

“5 year anniversary! Nik surprised me, which included an elaborate plan to conspire with my boss so my calendar was clear for the day — and which I of course almost ruined because things are just a little chaotic right now,” she gushed. “I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!”

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Who are Meena Harris’s kids?

Meena Harris has two young daughters, who very well may be the cutest kids to walk the face of the earth. 

Meena absolutely adores being a mom, and gushed about her two kids in a gorgeous photo shoot for Mother Mag.

"They are both incredibly strong-willed and independent but also are so loving. The older one is more serious, and loves books, but she also has a great sense of humor,” she revealed.

“The younger one is very playful, smiles constantly, and tickling her elicits the most delicious giggles,” she added.

“At first we thought she really loved us as her parents but quickly figured out that she shows that type of adoration for everyone, including strangers on the street."


Meena Harris is Kamala Harris's number one fan.

It's no secret that Meena Harris looks up to her VP aunt! She's always praising her on social media, and has been her number one supporter since Kamala Harris was announced as Joe Biden's VP pick. 

"VICE PRESIDENT AUNTIE," she tweeted after the election results were announced on Nov. 7, 2020. 

Is Meena Harris on TikTok?

She sure is!

The mother of two has nearly two million followers on TikTok, and often posts political content. Her cute kids appear in a lot of her videos, too!

Meena Harris recently opened up about her Phenomenal line in a New York Times profile.

The mother of two got candid about her Phenomenal line, saying that it is “not something that I want to be using to promote the candidacy of a family member.”


"There’s a lot of cool people in my family that do cool stuff. And this is my thing. I’m doing my own thing," she added during a phone interview. 

Harris also opened up about her admiration for her aunt, Kamala Harris, saying, "I look at her as another figure in history and someone to be celebrated."

While Meena seems excited about the coming years, whether it's watching her aunt help lead the country or the direction of her Phenomenal brand, she can't help but wonder how to keep the conversation going after the Trump administration's exit from the White House.

“I think this is going to be a big question for us next year. When we don’t have the constant drama and attacks that are coming out of the administration, how do we keep people engaged in a meaningful way?” she said.


“Not just the people that have been doing this work, and will continue doing this work, and are literally doing it all day every day. But regular folks," she added. 

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