The INTJ Personality Type's Biggest Dating Strengths & Weaknesses

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The INTJ Personality Type's Biggest Dating Strengths & Weaknesses

Your Myers-Briggs personality type can tell you a lot about who you are as a person but also how you are in a relationship. The INTJ personality type is introverted, intuitive, and are prone to thinking and judging. 

With the INTJ personality type, you tend to be more analytical and cerebral than others. You are more comfortable working by yourself than in a group setting. You need to spend time by yourself to recharge your energy. You likely value intelligence and knowledge and want to express yourself using your own intelligence. You tend to think things through and try to see things from a practical viewpoint. 

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INTJs often appear distant and closed off at times because they are often in their own heads. They are very imaginative and curious, they even follow their passions with a lot of intensity. 

When it comes to love, INTJs can make amazing partners

There are many dating strengths and weaknesses for INTJs. Here are some of them. 

INTJ Dating Weaknesses

As an introverted type, it may be tough for potential partners to break down the INTJ personality type's walls. Here's which INTJ personality traits hold them back in the dating game.

They can come off as detached and closed off. 

Since INTJs are always in their own head and tend to observe everything around them, they can appear detached.

It can be difficult for them to open up or express their emotions because they aren’t driven by their emotions. INTJs like to figure out how everyone around them is feeling or thinking before they announce their own thoughts.

However, they have a wild imagination and they aren’t as cold as they seem to be. 

They put too much pressure on themselves in relationships. 

They put a lot of pressure on themselves to be the perfect partner and be in the perfect relationship.

They are overachievers and always trying very hard and that is even the case in their romantic life.

Funnily enough, they can actually be pretty clueless when it comes to relationships so they end up putting too much effort into trying to figure it out.

Once they learn to relax a little bit more, their relationship will go a lot smoother. They just need to let go of their firm grasp and try to stop over analyzing every part of their relationship.  

They can be arrogant. 

INTJs are very confident but sometimes that confidence can turn to arrogance really quickly.

They are stubborn with their opinions and perspectives that when they think they are right, they won’t try to see things from anyone else’s perspective. At times, they can even try to force their own opinions on their partner and it can come off as insensitive.

However, they don’t mean to do this in a rude way but they just get blinded by their own tunnel vision. 

They need their alone time. 

INTJs are introverted so they value their alone time. They often need space away from their partner and social situations so that they can recharge their energy.

They also do their best thinking and planning when they are on their own. So, they need a partner that will respect their need for space and not take it personally when they need their time.

They will make time to spend with their partner but they sometimes just need to plan it out ahead of time so that they aren’t low energy or in their head too much. 

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INTJ Dating Strengths 

The INTJ's unique personality traits also give them great dating potential.

They are supportive of their partner’s goals. 

INTJs show their love and affection by supporting their partner and helping them reach their goals.

They are wonderful planners and problem solvers and want to offer their assistance to the people they care about.

Since INTJs want success in their own career, they also want their partner to be successful and have their dreams come true as well. They may not understand their partner’s goals at times, but they will always be supportive of them. 

They are honest and upfront. 

INTJs tend to be pretty blunt about their opinions. They will always be truthful and direct with their partner and want the same back. If their partner has hurt their feelings, they want to express why and vice versa.

In fact, their honesty helps them be excellent communicators because they always want to fix problems by talking about them.

They want to face problems head-on instead of sweeping it under the rug. They are straight shooters and won’t play any mind games with their partner.

They are curious and passionate.

An INTJ person loves to learn about what they are interested in. They ask a lot of questions and want to figure out what makes their partner tick. They enjoy having deep conversations instead of just scratching the surface and also enjoy thought-provoking debates.

They are also wonderful at telling stories and sharing interesting facts about their life.

It is unlikely that their partner will be bored when they are conversing and the same goes for them. 

They are looking for commitment. 

INTJs are very serious individuals. In fact, they are so motivated to succeed in their career that they don’t casually date or prioritize their dating life too much.

However, when they do date they are looking for a life partner and teammate.

They value their time and do not want to waste their time or anyone else’s.

They clearly are looking for someone to settle down with and they only want to let a very special individual into their life.

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