I'm Not Looking For My Other Half Because I'm Already 100%

Who said I’m half of a person?

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I have to admit: I find it annoying AF when people refer to their partners as their other half, or even worse when people point out that I'm single and therefore looking for my other half.

Who said I'm half of a person? The last time I checked, I'm whole and complete all on my own.

I might be single and looking for love but I'm not looking for my other half. I'm already 100 percent. Here's why.

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1. I've got my life handled on my own.

I can do everything I need to as an adult on my own and with my own two hands. I don't need someone else to help pay the bills —​ I pay them myself. I don't need someone else to keep me company at night —​ I enjoy my own company just fine. If people would stop assuming that being single means I'm missing a key element in my life, that would be great.

2. I've built an amazing life for myself.

In the absence of love, I've been shattering my own glass ceilings and conquered some serious goals for myself. I've worked hard and built myself an amazing career that I love and I'm constantly surrounded by the people and things that I love. A 50 percent life never interested me so I completed myself and made it to 100 percent all on my own.


3. Love would only be a bonus to my life, not a necessity.

As wonderful as it would be to finally find love, it's not something that I necessarily need to enjoy what I already have. Because I've built myself up on my own, finding the right love for me would be a complete bonus and happy addition to the life I'm already living.

4. I have a fulfilling life without love.

I wake up in my own place, go to the job that I earned and worked hard for myself, and put food on the table that I paid for myself. There's no better feeling. I truly enjoy where I'm at right now and as much as I'm open to having love in my life, it's not the be-all, end-all of my existence.

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5. A relationship doesn't define who I am.

Would it be nice to have someone in my life to build an even better life with? Of course, but it's not going to stop me from defining and continuing to grow who I am right now without someone else in my life. To me, love isn't about completing my life by adding another person; it's about growing the life I already have to new heights.


Even if I never find it, I know I can continue to grow who I am without the love and continue defining myself, for myself.

6. I'm happy just the way I am, even without love.

Having another person in my life isn't going to solve some magic happiness equation, so it's always been up to me to find ways to make myself happy, especially since I've been single AF and on my own for many years. I learned to water my own side of the fence and the grass on my lawn is greener than ever.

7. When I meet that right person, I'll love them from a place of strength.

When I finally meet the right person for me, I'm happier knowing that I'm coming from a place of complete strength and that I'm a complete and happy person no matter if things work out beautifully or end in disaster. I've reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom by living life for myself and when I do find that love that I hope for, it's only going to sweeten what I've already cooked up on my own.

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