What Is A Soulmate Relationship & How Does The Bible Define Soul Ties, According To Scripture

According to the Bible, what does it mean to have a soulmate?

What Is A Soulmate, According To The Bible Scriptures unsplash

Do you believe in soulmates? If so, how do you define one?

According to the Bible, there really is no such thing as an actual "soulmate." While there can be a soul tie, or bond that takes place when a person is intimate with another person, the predestined relationship between two individuals isn't really stated in the Bible.

Although there are some people who think they do exist and that God works in ways that we don't understand, this is not completely clear within the Bible.


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While it may seem like the Bible is responsible for this phenomenon, the word "soulmate" is never actually mentioned within the scriptures. Recent cultural experiences has created the term soulmate to inflict romance and the idea of true love within society.


A lot of the time, those who are single try to wait around in hopes of instantly clicking with their destined soulmate. We all want to find someone who we feel is our one true love - the Noah to our Allie or the Sandy to our Danny.

When it comes to the Bible, God did not place any two people on this Earth for the sole purpose of being together. Nobody's fate will ever have meshed with our own – we are all on separate life paths. Christian's duties to God are not shared with anyone but themselves.

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The Bible never mentions a man meeting the woman of his dreams by chance, making them soulmates and destined to be together till the end of time. The Bible is unlike romance novels, where the simple act of a song playing makes a woman feel it is a sign from God to quit her job and chance the man of her dreams.


The Bible does not caution us to let the wind blow us from heart to heart. According to Christian faith, the media and society today is what makes us feel the need to find our soulmate.

Christians believe if they go down this path of believing soulmates exist, they will only end up getting hurt and being disappointed in the long run. The Bible teaches many things, none of which are about the concept of soulmates.

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The Bible teaches to have faith in only one God, who can supply us with the only family and support we need in this life. The Bible teaches us to not be foolish and give in to temptations, but to be strong in the face of impurity.


The Bible never mentions the word soulmate, but it does preach upon loving and being intimate with only your spouse. Your future husband or wife is the closest thing to a soulmate within the Bible.

All in all, the Bible teaches us to love ourselves first. We must love ourselves unconditionally and believe we are fearfully and beautifully made. Only then will God allow us to open our hearts to the right people.

But, none of these people will ever be your soulmate. We can still dream, right?


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