3 New Moon In Leo Rituals To Do On August 19th To Let Go Of The Past

The emotional "heart" is very much at stake here.

3 Leo New Moon Rituals To Let Go Of The Past, According To Astrology getty

Any time we are blessed to have the influence of Leo in our lives, it's a good thing. Leo is good for us, and when it transits alongside the New Moon, it's a perfect combination for positive and personal growth.

The New Moon is always an opportunity to prepare our minds for change and progress. The New Moon is unseen; it's a black sky, representing the void of potential, the promise, the place where dreams are made manifest.


The New Moon in Leo is going to feel like a surge of confidence and a wave of self-doubt, all crashing in at the same time.

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It's important for us, right now, to create New Moon rituals to go with the influence. And when we get it right, the entire universe rejoices.


We are working with August's New Moon in Leo, and, if anything, this transit will make us feel again. Body parts associated with this New Moon include the heart and the blood, as well as blood pressure and circulation. And while those are physical attributes, the emotional "heart" is very much at stake here.

Here are 3 New Moon in Leo rituals to perform on or before August 19th, to harness the energy we need.

1. Repeat affirmations to find a sense of confidence.

Do these affirmations, and repeat them often, again and again:

"I honor my life. I am present for it. I believe in my own judgement."

"Here and now, I am doing well."

"At present, I have everything I need and I am content."


"I am able to do what I have to do."

"I have renewed energy."

"I am strong, confident and loving."

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2. Perform a heart meditation.

Because this evening is so influenced by the region of the heart, it's a good idea to do a heart meditation.

Eastern meditation teaches us of the chakra system, and how each chakra represents a physical-spiritual center in us. The heart chakra is called anahta and can be meditated on by silently, inwardly repeating the syllables that make up the word.

Sit for meditation as comfortably as you can. As you breathe deeply, in and out, inwardly recite the syllables: Ah-hah-hah-ta. Over and over, silently within.


When you do this, you're psychically stimulating this chakra; you're "saying its name" and awakening it. When your heart chakra is awake, your senses feel better and you can make better decisions. Imagine yourself in the "chamber of the heart," some gorgeous deep red velvety room, where all dreams come to hopefully manifest one day.

If you need to set a timer, give yourself a good 10-15 minutes of this anahata mantra meditation. At the end, sit in silence, aware of the room, your home, your personal space. You can bow softly and effortlessly and say, "thank you."

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3. Let go of the past.

As a ritual, you're going to light a green candle if you can, to symbolize new life and rebirth, or a white one if that's all you can get.


You're going to write on a piece of paper the things that no longer work for you. This in itself is the hardest part of the work. But work it is, and when we ritualize work, we get intent and manifestation.

The New Moon in Leo gives us the opportunity to believe in a future, but the price is detachment.

You must commit to paper what no longer serves you, and only you know what that is. You need not write down what you want, only what you're letting go of. The rest is in your head; it's safe — Leo protects that.


If you can do so without causing your neighborhood to go up in flames, drip a couple of drops of the melted candle wax on to the writing. That will both seal it in, and symbolically cover it. The power of the mind seals it in the past, and the New Moon delivers us into a healthier today, with a more promising tomorrow.

I like to end all prayers, incantations, chants with, "Swaha!" (swa-hah) the Hindu version of the Pagan "Blessed Be, or So Mote it Be!" Swaha makes it official.

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Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.