30 Things To Say To Your Best Friend In Instagram Comments To Hype Her Up

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30 Things To Say To Your Best Friend In Instagram Comments To Hype Her Up

Do you ever see your best friend, the platonic love of your life, drop such a gorgeous, jaw-dropping photo, your heart stops for a minute? Even though you might’ve even been the one who took the photo, it still takes you by surprise how beautiful your life partner is, how perfect, how ethereal, and god, how can you possibly express this yawning devotion in your heart in words!? 

What are things to say to your best friend that will celebrate her for the goddess she is? As a best friend, you may not be walking your love down the aisle, but you play a much more important role.

You are her confidant, her photographer, and most importantly her cheerleader. It is your job to be the first like on every Instagram post, the first comment. You have to be there to make sure she doesn’t flop. 

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People need to know she is the greatest, but how can you possibly do that succinctly, in less than 50 words, without writing a super intense soliloquy that would drive everyone (and potential suitors) away? 

Things to say to your best friend in Instagram comments to hype her up: 

It is a really careful balance to strike. Too raunchy, and you might get your best friend reported. Too inside-jokey, and no one will get it, and you both will just seem weird. Because this is not between the two of you, it is the two of you and then also her hundreds of followers, you need to keep it professional, but heartfelt. 

Instagram comments for her thirst traps: 

1. Leave some sexy for the rest of us! [fire emoji]

2. Why does it seem that your hot girl summer lasts all year? 

3. Ma’am, please slow down! My heart can’t keep up [panting emoji]

4. Life alert! I’ve tripped and fallen for a sexy woman [sad emoji]

5. Stop, drop, and roll! My bestie is straight fire! 

6. Back off boys, she’s taken!! 

7. Blessed my eyes once again [star-eye emoji]

8. Gosh baby, can I slide? [tongue emoji]

9. Please break my heart, you would be so good at it [panting emoji[

10. Hey baby, you up? [eggplant emoji] 

Things to say to your best friend when she “definitely didn’t pose for this:”

11. Blessing my feed once again 

12. Hottest influencer in town [heart eyes]

13. Wow, yet another accidental girlboss moment! [laughing emoji]

14. Please trophy wife me up already what are you waiting for[pleading eyes]

15. Fits are perfect once again [sigh] but what else is new 

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16. Not pictured: me squatting next to the planter to get your angles 

17. Wow, another busy day of being obsessed with you 

18. Sorry to disturb you, gorgeous, but can I please have your number? 

19. You are the only VS model I need. [heart]

20. You are unreal [heart eyes]

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For her confident Instagram selfies:

21. Wow, you look so fire the NYFD got 911 calls! 

22. You are so fierce boogeymen would be scared of you 

23. You are the hottest thing to grace the planet since the Yucatan meteor destroyed those dinosaurs 

24. Gosh, looks like the sun came out [heart eyes] 

25. You look like you can slay a Roman Army 

26. You look so fresh you look like you’d be a 13 dollar salad 

27. You better have a tip jar because you are serving looks! 

28. Please step on me, it would be an honor

29. Hottie alert! 

30. Ma’am I have feelings for you, please respond. 

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