5 Spiritual Symbols & The Meaning Of Each

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5 Spiritual Symbols & The Meaning Of Each

The beauty of spirituality is that it differs from religion and transcends many different cultures.

Many spiritual symbols we see come from different areas of the world and can be practiced by anyone with an open heart.

With that being said there are many aspects of spirituality that cannot be described with words.

What is the meaning of the most common symbols?

Symbols are the best way to communicate ideas and concepts to people who might know and understand a certain language (or lack context).

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Because of this, symbols are a popular way to recognize a certain religion or philosophy.

This is so common that there are spiritual symbols that we see everyday and we immediately recognize what the symbol represents.

While this is effective in helping us identify different spiritualties.

It’s important that symbols weren’t created to give us the whole story.

It was just an easy way to communicate ideas to people outside of a religion who might not understand the cultural aspects behind the ideology.

Here are 5 spiritual symbols and what they mean:

1. Spiritual meaning of the Yin Yang symbol

Yin Yang is an ancient Chinese philosophy that explains the idea of dualism.

This is applied to aspects of life that are different but cannot exist outside of each other.

A great example of this concept is the difference between good and evil.

Even though good and evil are completely opposite, one cannot exist without the other because there is a small part of the good in something bad and vice versa.

This is why the symbol uses the color white and black to convey dualism while putting white on the black side and black on the white side.

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2. Spiritual meaning of the Hamsa symbol

The Hamsa is a middle eastern symbol that represents protection.

The actual symbol is meant to resemble the Hand of God.

This symbol is also seen as an attribute of good luck that can bring success, power, and love.

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3. Spiritual meaning of the Star of David

The Star of David is a Hebrew symbol associated with Judaism.

The physical symbol is shown as a hexagon star that is used to identify the Jewish identity and is also associated with the country of Israel.

It is used to symbolize the cultural and religious significance of the Judaism faith as well as the members of the Jewish community.

It is also believed that it was the shield King David used in battle.

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4. Spiritual meaning of the Christian fish

Christian fish is a symbol that often represents faith.

The reason why this symbol represents Jesus telling the apostles that he will make them the fishers of men.

This means that they were to spread the word of Christianity everywhere they could.

This is the reason why many people of the Christian faith will wear this fish symbol.

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5. Spiritual meaning of the Lotus flower

The lotus flower is a symbol in many eastern religions as a sign of enlightenment.

The concept of enlightenment means someone who has transcended all physical barriers of their mind in order to feed their soul.

This is also seen as a rebirth. This concept is very present in Buddhist philosophies, but the lotus flower is seen in many other eastern ideologies.

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