8 Relationship Questions To Ask A Guy To Find Out Where His Head Is At (Without Scaring Him Away)

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8 Relationship Questions To Ask A Guy To Find Out Where His Head Is At (Without Scaring Him Away)

Every woman has the right to know where her partner’s head is at. No matter how long you have been together, it is important to know if you are both on the same page. 

Even if you two have not even established a relationship, we should be able to learn about one another and find out where we think our lives are going to be in the future, and the best way to do that is to know the right relationship questions to ask. 

I speak for myself when I say sometimes I think about my future and who is going to be in it way too often. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I get tangled up in scenarios that probably will never happen. 

The point is, we don’t need to rush our lives, especially not with someone we just met or someone we’ve only been with for a couple of months. Taking life day by day will ensure that your future will not be as fuzzy as you think!

If you have just started dating a guy and things are looking up, you should begin questioning his motives in your life from the start. Especially if you are at an age where playing games isn’t what you’re looking for. 

Some guys might think you’re a stickler if you ask him what he really wants from you. Others will appreciate this transparency. Knowing where his head is from the start of the relationship can give you a clear view if you guys will work out. 

Digging deep into a guy’s head is almost as impossible as digging for gold. You never know what you’re going to pull out. If you have a man who actually opens up, congratulations because you definitely struck gold, big time!

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I feel the best time you ask some of life’s heaviest (and funniest) questions is when you both are totally relaxed and the walls of fear have been dropped. You want to assure your partner or potential lover that you aren’t here to quiz them. These conversations should flow easily and should not make either of you uncomfortable. 

Good relationship questions to ask a guy

These next couple of questions I give you will surely get you the answers you’re looking for. You might not like the answers he gives you, but it is better to know now than later, right?

1. What are your goals in a new relationship?

This is the most commonly asked question in my opinion. Everyone should be able to tell you what they would like in their new relationship. Whether that is something as simple as wanting someone who is adventurous or a night owl to the deeper things like a certain communication style, you need to know what a potential partner is expecting. 

It's also nice to hear someone advocating for keeping you by their side in the future.  

2. Would owning a pet be an issue in our relationship?

Always, always, ask someone you are interested in if they have a problem with animals. I'd like to tell you to kick them to the curb if they say yes, but life is all about compromise.

However, if you are an animal owner who wouldn't want a guy to give your pet the stank face every time he walks through the door, you might want to reconsider your options. 

3. Is religion a relationship dealbreaker for you?

Knowing what he believes in spiritually is very important to know right off the bat. If you aren’t a religious person but have an open mind to someone else’s beliefs, it would be best to speak about this in the most respectful way. This can help steer away from any awkward dinner conversations in the future. 

4. How do you feel about moving?

Depending on what happens in your life, eventually, moving might become a necessity. If you’re a travel freak like me, you want your boo to be down for adventures no matter where they take you! Maybe you would prefer to move out of the country. Or maybe he wants to stay close to home.

Knowing where he sees himself living will give you an idea of how to go about the ‘big move’ talk.

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5. Do you see yourself having kids someday?

This conversation can either make or break a relationship depending on how old you two are. Maybe you don’t want kids so soon (or at all) but he does. If you can establish early-on whether or not he wants to have a family of his own, you will thank yourself in the long run. 

6. What is your ideal relationship timeline?

This question will certainly give you an opportunity to take a look inside his brain and get a more in-depth look at how he envisions his future — and possibly your future together.

In order for a relationship to progress, both partners need to be on the same page. If he wants to be married within six months time but you do best taking things slowly, it will eventually cause tension and maybe even some resentment.

7. Do you feel like relationships should be serious all of the time?

Everyone needs to be with someone who has a great sense of humor. Even if you crack way too many dad jokes, it's important that you know that life is too short to be so serious every second.

Ask him if he still watches his favorite cartoons on Saturday mornings. Or if he goes to cosplay conventions and dresses up like Yoda or one of the Ninja Turtles. 

8. Who inspires you most?

Whether his answer is a family member or a social activist, you will know who makes them dream big. This person not only inspires him but they give him a reason to fight for what he believes in and will give you a sense of the traits he admires and probably wants to embody himself. And who doesn’t want someone who is passionate about life?

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