Which Zodiac Sign Is Laziest?

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Which Zodiac Sign Is Laziest?

Is your zodiac sign the laziest? Being called a lazy zodiac sign can sound like the absolute worst thing to hear!

When we think of this word, we attribute it to someone being slumped over on a couch and not blinking at their tv.

Which zodiac sign is the laziest?

Make no mistake! Anyone can be lazy no matter how hardworking they are, but the laziest zodiac sign would have to be Pisces.

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All zodiac signs have the tendency to sit in our favorite spot of the house and just chill for hours.

Especially when we’ve had an exhausting week and way too many emails to look through

Life can be super hectic. Work, school, family, friends, it’s all a bit too much sometimes for any zodiac sign.

There are just too many distractions to keep us from zoning out the way we want to!

Some zodiac signs don’t have the special gift of relaxing and being a couch potato!

Their minds are zipping through every possible activity they can participate in because they fear not having a busy agenda.

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On the other hand, worry, doubt, and anxiety can be huge factors in our ability to get up and start the day on the right beat.

The thought of going out into the world and worrying about what other people might think or say about us can paralyze our mind and body into staying put.

Where does our laziness come from? And how do we battle the urge to binge-watch Master Chef Junior the entire weekend?

Our work ethic and drive to achieve our goals is attributed to our zodiac sign, according to astrology.

The busy Gemini has a ton of new ideas they are buzzing through and the Virgo never sits down until all of their assignments are completed.

Each zodiac sign has its own version of laziness and how long they can chill out.

But the laziest zodiac sign of the bunch we believe is the Pisces. Need some more convincing? We’ve got you covered.

Here's why Pisces is the laziest sign of the zodiac, per astrology:

Pisces is laid back, so it gives the impression of laziness.

Pisces is a deeply intuitive zodiac sign who has been said to be psychic when it comes to knowing what is going to happen with anyone who enters their life.

They are sensitive people who desperately need constant encouragement and reassurance from their family and friends.

Some people might call a Pisces an introvert because of how reserved they are. However, they thrive in small groups and intimate settings.

Pisces is a dreamer. People perceive dreams as lazier than most.

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and inspiration, Pisces often express themselves through music and art.

They have a grand sense of purpose when they are around these elements and appreciate the world around them for these very reasons.

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Pisces might seem quiet at first glance, but they have an immense sense of knowing who or what deserves their full attention.

When they speak, everyone listens because they know the quiet one is often the one with a lot to say (and a lot of important things at that).

Their initial gut reaction to different scenarios can be their saving grace or biggest downfall.

Although they have a great deal of knowing who is phony and what situation they need to avoid, they can miss out on some of the best people and positions.

Pisces avoids struggle and so they often become lazy.

When a Pisces begins to doubt someone or something, they will do anything they can to convince themselves that there is no good business over there.

Because of their big imagination, they will often trap themselves into the thought of everyone is out to get them.

This can lead to a Pisces not wanting to make new friends.

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Pisces is influenced by fear, which can make them lazy.

If there is a new job opportunity that presents itself to a Pisces, their initial fear of the unknown will quickly overwhelm them.

This missed chance of a good career path can lead them into a spiraling hole of depression and anxiety.

If they know someone else received the same offer and sees how well the job is, the Pisces will beat themselves up every single day.

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Some of the Pisces’ strongest gifts can be harmful and detrimental to their mental health.

They will begin to doubt themselves as a person and if they are capable of achieving the goals they once believed in.

This leads to a different type of laziness only found in Pisces that is not beneficial to anyone.

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Pisces zodiac signs are homebodies.

The Pisces will sit in their home and not want to speak to anyone or go out.

They just missed their chance of befriending an awesome person or they turned down a job because they didn’t feel worthy enough to get it.

Being at home for days, even weeks on end will cause the Pisces to wrap themselves up in their own head and conjure up worse case scenarios.

They love being there for others but will hesitate when someone offers their emotional help.

Their fear of being judged can cause a massive explosion in the long run if they continuously bottle up their emotions.

I’m sure you were all thinking of a different kind of laziness that would be attributed to the Pisces.

Make no mistake that there are a lot of ways one can be lazy.

Watching tv all day is not the only form and sometimes, it’s good for us to unwind in that way.

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Pisces will let things pass.

The Pisces is the laziest sign simply because when an opportunity comes, they reject it because of getting too deep into their own thoughts.

They become hermits and do not like doing anything about solving the problem and would rather someone else carry the flame.

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