What Mercury Entering Cancer Means For Your Love Life & Relationships Until August 2020

Now is our chance to speak our truth.

What Mercury Moving Into Cancer Means For Our Lives Until August getty

With Mercury entering Cancer on May 28th, this transit strengthens the focus of if we’re speaking our truth about what is most important to us, especially as it relates to home, family, and the commitments we make.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules communication and thought processes. Depending upon which zodiac sign he’s moving through, we will feel the effects show up in our own life.


While normally this is a fast-moving planet that tends to only spend three weeks in each sign, in this case, he will enter the pre-shadow phase for his retrograde on June 1st, officially moving into retrograde on June 19th, and will remain there until July 11th, though his post-shadow phase will linger until July 26th.

This means we will be in this energy with new revelations coming, thanks to the retrograde, until August 4th when Mercury moves into Leo. But part of making the most of this energy is learning how it will impact different parts of our lives.

How will Mercury in Cancer affect your relationships?


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When we see Mercury move into Cancer, we know that it’s about to get real.

Cancer is the sign of home and family — more specifically, the mother — so truths or changes around this time center along this theme. Cancer is a water sign that tends to feel everything but is scared to at the same time.


We’ve all heard of Cancer running away to their shell if things get too intense, but Mercury isn’t a planet that shies away from saying what's needed. In this case, the focus of our thoughts will be more family foundation-based. This means we’re thinking of who we’re living with, the people we’ve aligned with, and also what bonds are present.

But it’s not just about Mercury or Cancer; many planets have aligned into retrogrades during this time to help us get to the bottom of longstanding issues that perhaps have held us back in our lives.

For relationships, we truly have to expect the unexpected. If truth isn't the basis of your connection, then there will be a moment or two at which tea is spilled, and you and your partner finally can’t run away from what needs to be seen.

What we have to understand is that Mercury in Cancer only wants us to say what we’re already feeling and what truth we’ve already seen, which is only emphasized by this sign being in retrograde during the remainder of his transit in this water sign.


No one wants to have big changes at home, but if we’re feeling they are inevitable eventually, there’s also nothing we can do to put them off permanently. Whether we would have picked this to be the year for it, or not, this is the time to face the truth of our decisions and our lives so we don’t spend one more minute in a situation where we’re just biding our time.

How will Mercury in Cancer help you accept your truth?

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It seems that everywhere we go now, we’re being asked, “What is our truth?” But we're really being asked what our inner voice is saying apart from the noise of the external world.

Who are we really, what kind of life do we truly want to build, and what do we need from the people that show up in our lives? These are just some of those questions we can ask ourselves to help realize our truth.


Mercury often can feel like he gets us in trouble by having us say precisely what we should, but that’s only because this planet doesn’t dance around the topic at hand. While at times he can be harsh, Mercury always ends up helping us say what we were so scared to.

With the help of Cancer, we all will be feeling softer and gentler. Those words we say to others and the conversations we have will come from love rather than fear.

For many of us, we’ve been struggling with path direction this year, feeling like many of the plans we’ve made have fallen apart or been cancelled permanently. So, we’ve been feeling the loss, the struggle, and the challenge.

But what this transit will allow is for us to feel safe to have hope again; to let the seeds of faith blossom once again so we can believe that everything that happens does so for a greater purpose and reason, even if at times it seems impossible.


All of this is about not just identifying but also speaking our truth, reveling in it ourselves, and then being able to feel confident enough to build a life based on it.

But to get to that space, we have to feel like there’s no war between our head and heart; that somehow, the two have struck a truce and found that middle ground where both are seen, heard, and get to feel the satisfaction of knowing they're receiving what they need.

How can we make the most of the Mercury in Cancer astrology transit?

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The bottom line is that sometimes we get so tired of having to change directions and paths that we’d prefer to just ignore our truth and keep going, even if that’s down a path we know isn’t really going anywhere.


We’ve been in this period of reflection and digging since April, when Pluto slipped into his retrograde, joined shortly later by Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and even asteroid Pallas. This is a period of revelation that has affected every area of our lives, but it's still evolving.

We can’t pretend that things haven’t changed when they have. We can’t pretend that we are still the same people we thought we were when this year started. And while it’s up to us to always create our own lives, we also have to recognize when we’re being given a sign (or a subtle push) by the universe.

Immerse yourself in what you feel, let yourself soften, and try to no longer hide from your true feelings or those you feel present around you. Try to discern what is yours that you’re feeling, and what are the emotions of others.


And be gentle with yourself as you speak from a place that's so deeply sacred inside of you that it might not often be heard, trusting that it’s always okay to change. The only travesty is pretending we haven’t.

Try to continue to practice conscious breathing and journaling during this time to help sort out all the emotions and feelings. If you feel truth bubble up, try to practice the courage needed to share it, and drop the idea that there's a perfect time for a conversation, or that timing at all makes a difference.

There's only this moment and the truth.

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