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TikTok Users Are Manifesting Hundreds Of Dollars By Using A Viral Mantra

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What is the Money Manifestation Mantra on TikTok?

It is no secret that TikTok has become a vital part of our culture following 2020. Several trends and challenges have emerged on the app and have users hooked.

Among them was what TikTok user King Soon titled, “Money Mantra”. The viral video, which now has over four million views is supposed to help you manifest money. 

Manifestation refers to pseudoscientific self-help strategies aimed at focusing one's thoughts to their desired outcome. In this instance, the user hopes to end their “money curse” by playing King Soon’s song.   

What is the money manifestation mantra on TikTok?

The video was originally posted to TikTok on November 6th, 2020 and now has over 200 thousand videos under the sound. 

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The video tells you to “Hold four pennies together and shake it while you listen” to the song. 

The mantra goes: 

“Ching ching ching goes the money tree 

And every time it ching money comes to me

It all flows in so abundantly 

From the top, left, right and up under me 

Wave wave wave I’m a money wave 

Money flow money flow money made 

Flowing in and out plus money saved

Debt debt debt all debt is paid 

Ching ching ching goes the money tree.”

King has also said this may not work for everyone. According to him, “Some people were gonna just get out of their own way. Some people were gonna learn that their natural state was abundance. The Money Mantra is not so you can get money. The Money Mantra is so you feel abundant at all times, that’s why the wave is so big.”

TikTok users have been manifesting money with the sound.

An interesting response to the video came from a college student who described how she had just received her award letter from FASFA, ‘Free Application for Federal Student Aid’ after watching the manifestation mantra repeatedly on her for you page.

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She ended with saying she doesn’t have to pay a single penny for her college education. 

One user, Abby, posted her reaction video on October 3rd 2021 saying, “This is scary, not even ten minutes after a TikTok with this sound and my dad walks into my room to give me money for my trip tomorrow.” She can be seen waving $300 while she dances to the mantra. 

Another popular reaction video came from Ella who said she “had this sound in my drafts and I found this on the bottom of my junk drawer ???” She then proceeds to open an envelope with several hundred dollars inside of it. 

Some have also had emotional reactions to the song. King Soon made a follow-up video where he claims, “the reason that you have an emotional reaction to this mantra is because you're healing your connection to money."

Whether you believe in manifestation or not, we all deserve some good fortune! Good luck! 

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