Wear This Particular Color On Your Date And He Will Fall For You Instantly

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woman in red dress

Feeling a little blue about dating?  Seeing that “green-eyed monster” when your friends talk about their great relationships?  Whether it’s the Monday Blues, 50 Shades of Gray, or Black Friday, we have long had an intimate connection to color. Even though colors don't have emotions or feelings, we still attribute them to colors anyways.

Blue is sad, black is for mourning. White is for purity and life. But what about love? What color can accurately describe the way love makes us feel? 

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According to science, one color may give women just the boost we need when trying to attract that guy we’ve had our eye on: Red. That's right ladies, so grab that little red dress you spent way too much money on and apply your boldest red lipstick, and hit the town! You were meant to find love in this color.

While this may not be a big surprise — we’ve long known that red is the color of passion and heat — there’s some real science behind its why.  The attraction to red is likely based on the color of blood, which is the easiest signal the body can produce to advertise fertility.  And of course, when we look at the “survival of the species” perspective, fertility is the name of the game

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Just like animals, we respond to biological triggers that indicate it’s time to mate — color being one of the more important ones. Just think of the pictures of baboons you’ve seen with those red sex organs! We are no different. We can even go so far as to say that men behave like animals when it comes to sex.

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And the funny thing is, men aren’t even necessarily aware of this innate attraction to red. So if we know there are millions of years of history indicating that males are sexually attracted to red, it stands to reason that wearing red would give you a boost on the attraction meter when trying to catch the eye of that cute guy. 

When women wear red, men are more attracted, more likely to ask women out, and spend more money while on a date. Isn't that the best thing ever? Not only does your date think you're mega hot, but he's going to be spending more money on you because of how hot he finds you. And all you have to do is wear red. 

So whether it’s red lipstick, a red dress or top, or even a red nightie, maybe you should try adding red to your wardrobe staples.  After all, it’s science.  

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Kelly P. Crossing is an experienced counselor and relationship expert who specializes in helping women build the lives and relationships they want by understanding their driving needs and how to meet them.