How To Get Rid Of Insomnia And Finally Sleep Better By Just Talking To Yourself

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How To Sleep Better & Fall Asleep Using The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the last thing you think of when you're trying to learn how to sleep better and cure insomnia. 

Do you struggle with getting the sleep you need? Do you always ask yourself, "Why can't I sleep?" Or, sometimes, do you overindulge in too much sleep? 

In this fast-paced world, it is challenging to find a healthy balance.  

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Have you ever gone to bed only to toss and turn all night as your mind plays old reruns or new worries? When this happens, your mind can get stuck in perpetual overload with more information to store, process and remember as you try to relax and go to sleep. 

Have you ever been so caught up in what you are doing that you forget to go to bed until you are so tired that you fall asleep before you get there?

Unsuccessful sleep is way too familiar to most of us. It affects our health, well being, relationships, family, careers and every other part of our lives.

So what is successful sleep? It's when you go to bed comfortably tired and sleepy, fall asleep effortlessly and easily, and then wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. 

How do you return to successful sleep? It is easier than you think! And the Law of Attraction can help you create whatever you focus on.

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First, you must be crystal clear about what you want. 

When you think about having unsuccessful sleep, guess what, that is what you get more of. But if you keep returning your thoughts and especially your feelings to how wonderful you feel when you do get the perfect amount of rest, by the Law of Attraction, it has to happen! 

It's a Universal Law, just like gravity. 

Since we are so conditioned to the thoughts and feelings that are dominant in the world we live in, you may have believed that there is some complex methodology to have a more successful sleep cycle. 

With practice, focus and a strong commitment you will succeed at changing that conditioning. Before you know it, you will be sleeping successfully on a regular basis!

How to use the Law of attraction to cure insomnia and sleep better in 5 steps: 

1. Accept where you are at right now.

Allow the changes to occur naturally, with perfect love for yourself each step of the way.

2. Script out how you know you will feel when you get the perfect amount of rest.

Write your script as if it has already happened. Read this daily and add to it as needed. If you are comfortable, read it out loud to yourself for more powerful results.

3. Throughout the day, think the thought "Wouldn't it be nice If..." 

And add good feelings and thoughts about how wonderful it will be when you are getting more successful sleep and what you will be able to accomplish. When you continue this for at least 68 seconds, you allow your mind to really grasp it and allow the changes to begin. Speaking it out loud with passion and excitement will also add more power to the process.

4. Intend to get to bed at the perfect time for you. 

Leave all your worries and concerns in the bathroom as you prepare for bed and promise them that you will tend to them tomorrow. Write them down if that helps you let go of them for the night. Turn them over to your Divine Self, God, your Source, or the Universe to take care of tomorrow. Do whatever works for you and feels good and natural.

5. Go to sleep with a heart full of gratitude.

Say your thanks for all your blessings and especially for effortless, easy and successful sleep.

If using any of these tools feels uncomfortable, think the thought "I am in the process of..."  and add how you are working on sleeping more successfully, thinking about how you know you are going to feel. 

Feel the truth of your words in your heart.

As with any improvement you are trying to make in your life, be gentle with yourself when you lose your focus and fall back into old patterns. Lovingly accept this when it happens and gratefully return to your preferred thoughts and feelings about successful sleep!

You are not alone and it will be worth all your effort! Good luck!

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Nada Howarth is a Master Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Mentor, and Instructor for the Quantum Success Coaching Academy who helps clients around the world apply the Law of Attraction to improve all areas of their lives. 

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