Why Are Geminis So Fickle?

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Why Gemini Is So Fickle

Gemini is fickle, which makes them so complicated. You meet a Twin zodiac sign, and you'll hear them say one thing. But then, the next day, they change their mind.

What is it about Gemini that makes them fickle?

Geminis are mutable, so for that reason, they have a strong need for change.

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Geminis are one of the most hated, if not the most hated zodiac sign out there, but we are talking about two people in one, and that's why Gemini is the sign of the twins, so deal with it.

Geminis have a certain set of personality traits that help them to compose who they are, but no two Geminis are the same.

Some are narcissists, while some are the sweetest people that you'll ever meet.

However, the one thing that most, if not all Geminis have in common is that we're fickle as heck, and I'm here to explain why we're fickle to you.

Here are a few reasons why Gemini zodiac signs are so fickle, per astrology:

1. Geminis are fickle because of how adaptable they are.

The thing with Geminis is that they can go with the flow and change as needed.

With this comes being fickle, since you never know when you're going to have to change to get through a certain situation.

Geminis take what's given to them and make it their own, so you can expect them to be fickle in an array of situations.

This doesn't make them fake people, but instead, it causes them to be versatile.

I don't see a lot of other signs being able to change as needed based on a situation, so perhaps it's a good thing that Geminis are the way that they are.

If you've ever heard of the saying that says to roll with the punches, or whatever it is, that's what Geminis do, and they're pretty good at it too.

While I can't say the same for the other signs, I'm not responsible for how other signs act ⁠— I can only speak for my own sign, which just so happens to be Gemini.

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2. Geminis are fickle because of how indecisive they can be.

One second, a Gemini could want one thing, but the next second, a Gemini could want a completely different thing.

It's hard for Geminis to decide what they want, so that's why they usually have a million and one things going for them simultaneously.

To be fickle is when someone or something changes frequently, and that's usually how Geminis are when they're indecisive.

This especially holds true to something that Geminis are interested in, so if you see a Gemini deciding between a few things that they're interested in.

They keep changing their mind, don't be alarmed.

You can definitely say that Geminis need help in the decision-making process.

It's not something to be shocked at if they go through a bunch of different phases before settling down "on the right one."

I know with me, a Gemini with a birthday in late May, I wanted to do five other grad programs before deciding to proceed with getting my MSW.

So give us Gemini time to decide on what we want. I promise we'll come around.

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3. Geminis are fickle because of how impulsive they are.

Geminis tend to act before they think things through, which makes them out to be impulsive creatures.

One second, they could be working on project ABC, but if project XYZ comes around in an instant, you best believe that Geminis will stop doing project ABC and will go-ahead to do project XYZ without thinking about it first.

This is kind of like me when deciding to apply to MSW programs on a whim, without really thinking about how I'm going to go about it.

I just applied without thought, and then I kind of thought of a plan B which I didn't end up needing since I got into an MSW program.

4. Geminis are fickle because they're erratic.

The thing with being erratic is that it's synonymous with being unpredictable, which is something that we Geminis are.

Geminis can't seem to sit still because we get bored easily, and it takes a lot to keep us engaged in what we're doing.

You can think that things are going well with a Gemini, but then they do something random such as pulling a donkey to play with out of thin air.

Needless to say, there's never a dull moment with a Gemini around, and for the most part, you need to stay on your toes with them.

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5. Geminis are fickle because of how curious they are.

Geminis have a piqued interest in a bunch of things, which brings them to have multiple projects that are occurring simultaneously.

When nearly everything is of interest to a Gemini, it's hard for them to stay in one place, which is why they're fickle.

Also with Geminis, they lose interest as quickly as they gain it, so that's another reason as to why they're fickle.

I know with myself, I could be interested in one thing one minute, but then I could try it out for a bit and then I get bored of it pretty quickly, so then my interests shift around.

I used to be interested in law and I used to want to be a lawyer, but then I realized that I could also help people out by being a social worker, so I decided to do that instead.

Not that law's no longer interesting to me, it's more or less that I'm not as interested in it as I was once, and to be honest, that's perfectly fine.

What's meant for you won't pass you anyway, so I guess that I was never meant to be a lawyer in the first place.

6. Geminis are fickle because they're outgoing.

As one of my favorite songs by CVBZ states, "pray up to the ceiling that we never lose this feeling," and that's how most Geminis are when it comes to being outgoing.

To be outgoing means to be socially confident and friendly, and even though they're the most hated zodiac sign, Geminis are both friendly people and socially confident.

Geminis are all over the place, but they're socially confident in what they do, which makes them outgoing people.

Not all Geminis bite and not all Geminis are outgoing as one another, which makes them unique in comparison to one another.

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