Why Are Cancers So Manipulative?

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Why Are Cancers So Manipulative?

Ah, good old Cancer zodiac signs — no, not to be confused with deadly cancer that's an illness in which takes several lives per year.

Cancer is a zodiac sign that comes after the Gemini sign and runs from June 21st to July 22nd.

As I've mentioned before and will mention again, each zodiac sign has its unique personality traits that help to make them who they are as people.

Why are Cancer zodiac signs so manipulative?

Cancer zodiac signs are so manipulative because of how moody they are.

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While someone that's a "Cancer" can't necessarily control who they are as a person, they can make changes to who they are.

Not to say that they should be people-pleasers, but if people don't like who they are based on how manipulative they can be, then something's got to give.

One second, someone that's a Cancer zodiac sign can be on top of the world with a huge sense of grandiosity, and the next second, they're sadder than a lonesome dog that misses their owner while they're at work.

Cancer zodiac signs are manipulative since they know how to adjust their mood to get what they want, and with this comes no limits.

Of course, I sometimes suspect that they're faking it just to get what they want, but if they want something, they could always just ask those that are around them.

But, I guess just asking is way too straightforward for someone that's a Cancer.

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Sure, everyone has mood swings, some worse than others, but that doesn't mean to be manipulative.

Sure, it's nice to be the leader in a situation, but that doesn't mean be controlling, which is what being manipulative is.

You can't just demand that people do what you want when you want it and if you think that you can, then you have some deeper issues that you probably need therapy for.

Cancer zodiac signs are so manipulative because they're vindictive as heck.

Yes, that one person that's a Cancer does want to get revenge on you, which is what being vindictive means... silly goose.

They'd use your wrongdoings against them as a cue and will hang it over you as if you're a dog that's seeking out a bone.

Hurt someone that's a Cancer and they'll use their ways to get revenge on you, and the only piece of advice that I'd have for you in this instance is to run far away as quickly as you can.

You can try and hide out for a bit, but I highly doubt that's going to work out favorably.

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Cancer zodiac signs are so manipulative because of how intuitive they are.

The thing with Cancer zodiac signs is that they know what's up even if you think that they're completely clueless.

They don't need to utilize their consciousness to figure out the truth, and someone that's a Cancer will manipulate your lies to get the truth, which they already know, out of you.

There's no such thing as lying to a Cancer, so you might as well be honest with them from the start.

While you might be terrified of hurting someone that's a Cancer with the truth, it'd be appreciated more than hurting them with lies, since either way, you're still hurting them, but at least with the truth, you're being honest with them.

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Cancer zodiac signs are so manipulative because of how protective of themselves that they come off to be.

No, well yes, this might be deemed as coming off as cold, but if you overstep this boundary with them, then they're going to be manipulative with you.

It's as if they're a turtle that has a shell attached to them that they use for protective purposes, so that's something to take into consideration.

This isn't to say that they're not going to open up to you at some point; this is to say that they care more about protecting themselves more than you, and this is something that they're not going to shy away from doing.

When it comes to the wellbeing of a Cancer, they'll do anything and everything to have control, which is why they're manipulative. Super unideal, I know, but it's just the truth.

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Cancer zodiac signs are so manipulative because of how caring they can be.

Cancer zodiac signs just aren't going to care about anyone, so take it as a good thing that they care about you.

Sometimes, a Cancer is manipulative not because they want what they want, but they want the best for you, and at times, they feel like the only way that they can get what they want for you is for them to manipulate you.

Sure, it's a screwed up thing to do, but it's also not a Cancer's fault that they can't use their big people's words to communicate their boundaries with you.

People set boundaries to let the other person know what their limits are, which is completely fair, but these boundaries need to be communicated clearly so that all parties know what's going on.

Of course, boundaries can be manipulated by Cancer zodiac signs, too, but this is to say that boundaries are crucial for most successful relationships.

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Cancer zodiac signs are so manipulative because of how loyal they are.

The thing with being loyal is that someone that's a Cancer is that they're just not going to be loyal with everyone and anyone just because they breathe.

Loyalty is something that for the most part, needs to be earned. Just because a person with a Cancer horoscope is loyal doesn't mean that you get to take advantage of them.

A Cancer personality can say that they've been there for you through the positive and not so positive times, so they know so much about you that it can cause them to manipulate you.

Not that knowing a lot about you is a bad thing, but it could put you in a vulnerable position.

Additionally, a Cancer can be in a situation where they're doing nothing but helping you out, but the next second, they could hold that over you and be manipulative.

So watch out with what you involve a Cancer in because they could always switch up on you.

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