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5 Healing Crystals To Help Your Love Life Shine Brightly

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Those beautiful gemstones are powerful tools for healing—including healing your love life.

Crystals are conductors of piezoelectric energy. That's why crystals are essential components of watches, computers, and medical devices. Whether you're single or in a relationship, you can harness the power of crystals to improve your relationships with these 5 crystals. They work great for healing your relationships with yourself, your friends, and family, too.

Rose Quartz—The queen crystal for healing and opening your heart. If you can find one carved into a heart shape, even better. Wear or hold rose quartz over your heart to heal tender emotions, and give you the strength to be ready to receive love.

Smokey Quartz—Want to get over an ex-lover? Put a smokey quartz crystal next to your bed and it will draw out emotional impurities while you sleep. Although you may have a few dreams about your ex from this process, this is NOT a sign from the universe to reconcile with him/her.

Amethyst—This high-vibrational purple crystal can awaken your spiritual awareness, which will help you to attract (and be attracted to) spiritually—minded relationships. Amethyst can infuse a sense of sacred love into existing relationships.

Obsidian—The jet black stone of protection keeps all outside influences away from you and your Love. Obsidian is also great for grounding, so you won't make a hasty decision that he/she is "the one" without having solid evidence to back up romantic impulses.

Blue Soladite or Larimar—Since good communication is a key to healthy relationships, hold or wear one of these sky blue stones near your throat. They will give you the courage to lovingly speak your truth and be authentic in the relationship.

For more information on crystal healing properties, please read Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski. You can find Doreen on Instagram and Facebook.

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