8 Healing Crystals For Virgo

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8 Healing Crystals For Virgo

The Virgo is one of the signs who seem to be everyone's mom, and when you love others so much, it's good to refuel your energy with a powerful energy crystal.

Why are Virgos so loving you may ask? Besides begin ruled by a communication planet which makes them great listeners, they are the nurturing mother of the zodiac when you look at their numerology.

Look to the sign of any hard-working, independent woman that I have come across has always been a Virgo.

Mother Teresa was a Virgo. Beyonce is also a Virgo, and so is Salma Hayek.

What is the best crystal for Virgo?

With great power comes great responsibility for you, Virgo.

With hundreds of crystals to choose from for all of your specific needs, but we are going to be focusing on healing crystals for our Virgos!

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That is why these healing crystals are needed in our everyday lives!

And with all that responsibility follows stress and sometimes bad energies.

You may be wondering what to do for these pesky problems, and today I have just the trick for you!

Healing crystals have been used for centuries and their primary use was to relieve physical, mental, and spiritual stressors.

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These crystals come from our very own planet and each specific one has a different healing property for each part of the body.

When one part of your body or mind is undergoing a lot of stress, your whole body is affected greatly.

Like I said before, Virgos are very hard workers and do not stop at anything to perfect whatever it is they are doing.

Because of this, I have witnessed firsthand (shout-out to my Virgo mom!) how strenuous life can be once you overwork yourself.

Here are 8 healing crystals for the Virgo zodiac sign:

1. Quartz Point

This crystal helps with self-care rituals and is perfect for Virgos.

They tend to help others way more than they help themselves, but the Quartz Point will ensure that you are learning to help and heal yourself first.

A good place to put this crystal is near your bath or shower to feel as if you are constantly cleansing yourself from bad energies.

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2. Green Jade

This is the birthstone for Virgos!

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The Green Jade allows you to know what is ahead of you and direct your attention to the important aspects of life (finance, happiness, life goals).

You should wear your birthstone as a necklace to ensure that you are reminded of the great things coming your way.

3. Green Calcite

If you're in need of a boost every morning, the Green Calcite is the one for you, Virgo!

You tend to look at situations from too many perspectives, but having this crystal around will help you ease your tension and go with the flow.

4. Blue Tourmaline

This crystal is perfect for Virgos because of their intense work ethic.

Not only does the Blue Tourmaline help you feel confident in your work, but it also helps you enhance your productivity levels!

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5. Moss Agate

This stone will also help your drive for motivation and gives you a sense of peace while accomplishing even the hardest tasks!

Moss Agate should be placed on your lower spine, which is your root chakra.

Once you have placed this on your back, imagine that this stone is keeping you grounded to the earth.

6. Kyanite

Kyanite is an all-around healing crystal that helps improve many areas in your life.

For Virgos, it especially helps with stimulating a sensation of loyalty throughout your everyday life, which is an already amazing quality that you have!

7. Red Jasper

Your busy life and schedule can make way for lots of stress and anxiety, Virgo.

The Red Jasper brings peace and tranquility into your hectic life and will boost your energy levels.

8. Peacock Ore

Virgos strive for perfection, but sometimes when they fail to reach their own requirements, it makes them feel terrible.

This Peacock Ore crystal is a positive energy that relieves you from those fears of failing and allows you to have an open mind and heart to life's obstacles.

We hope this list of healing crystals leads our fellow Virgos to their perfect match.

Whether you or not you believe these crystals will help you, you should always explore your options when you are trying to strive for a better life!

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