Best Colors For Taurus Zodiac Signs

Taurus power!

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Taurus symbolizes the bull, which is headstrong in the pursuit of its goals.

All that hard work can become draining and Taureans emotionally empty. Taurus work hard and play hard, but seldom take time to themselves.

Everyone is dependent on them to accomplish something.

That's why it’s so important for Taurus to wear their power colors.

What colors are best for Taurus?

Power colors are visual representations of your greatness, so for Taurus, the best color and shade must reflect their unique personality.


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They are meant to empower you, by embracing your best qualities. Your power colors can pick them up when they are feeling low.

Believe it or not, color surprisingly has a lot to do with your mood. Different colors are associated with different feelings.


The influence of color on your emotions is dependent on the shade and tone of the color.

Since color can affect your mood it’s important to choose the colors that are best for you according to your zodiac sign.

What colors are best for Taurus zodiac signs?

Taureans are born between April 20th and May 20th. Birthdays that fall between those dates are in the spring season.

During the springs flowers and other plants are in full bloom. This indicates that light, spring light colors compliment Taurus.

Taurus’ elemental sign is earth. They are the fixed earth signs.

This means that they are dependable because they are one of the stabilizers of astrology. Taureans are not easily shifted or changed, like dark colors.


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The best colors for Taurus:

  • Black
  • Light Pink
  • Green

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Zodiac signs and best color

Your characteristics determine which colors best suit your zodiac sign. The colors that best compliments Taurus are based on who they are.

The color black symbolizes professionalism. Taurus are practical.

They know what they have to get to where they want, so in an organized manner, they go step by step.

Their thoroughness and persistence is what makes a Taurus so professional. If you want to display your professionalism as a Taurus wear black.


The color light pink exudes femininity. Taurus is of the feminine zodiac signs in astrology.

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The color pink is automatically associated with flowers or women, but that does not mean pink isn’t a power color for male Taureans.

Both men and women have feminine and masculine energy.

As a Taurus, if you want to feel empowered and live in the fullness of who you are, embrace your femininity.

The color green symbolizes many things, such as wealth, health, and growth. This color encapsulates who a Taurus is.

Taurus are determined and dependable. To cultivate wealth, health, or growth, you need consistency to get results.


Wearing the color green will empower Taurus to continue on the pursuit of their goals, no matter how far they may seem.

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Worst color for Taurus:

  • Red

What makes red the worst color for Taurus?

The color red does not embody who Taurus is.

Taurus may be ambitious, but they are not passionate.


The color red symbolizes passion, which is a strong feeling.

Taurus are not ruled by feelings, they are goal-oriented.

They do not change their minds based on a whim.

Taureans seem like they have their lives together at first glance.

They are ambitious and determined, so Taurus excels academically and professionally.

With all this success, people somehow seem to miss the fact that they can be struggling emotionally, because of how level headed they are.

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