Which Ozark Character Are You, By Zodiac Sign

Apparently, I'm Wyatt Langmore!

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For you fans of Netflix Ozark, this is definitely what you've been waiting for.

Which Ozark character are you, by zodiac sign?

You could be the drama series star Marty Byrde, played by Jason Bateman.

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Released in 2017 on Netflix, Ozark launched 4 series in the Crime TV Drama genre. Starring was Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz, and created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams the show was canceled in 2020 after 14 episodes.

Even though the show is over, it can still be binged watched whenever you need your Ozark fix. In the meantime, here's what character you are, by zodiac sign. Have fun!

1. Capricorn — Marty Byrde

Your zodiac sign is known for being a hard worker especially when it comes down to caring for your family. You're motivated to have them have the best life possible. So your Ozark character is Marty Byrde!


He's a financial planner who has a side gig as a money launderer for the second largest drug cartel in Mexico became his full-time job when it was revealed his partner had been skimming money off the top. He was forced to relocate his family to the rural community of the Ozark Lakes in season one to wash five million dollars by filtering it through small businesses.

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2. Aries — Wendy Bryde

Your zodiac sign is known for being sort of free-spirited and sadly is most likely to cheat. So you are Wendy Byrde! Wendy Bryde is Marty’s wife, who has had an affair with an older man, who she was planning on leaving until her family's living situation was thrown into chaos by Marty’s criminal activity.

3. Virgo — Ruth Langmore

Your zodiac sign is goal-oriented and known for being very structured. So you are Ruth Langmore. The young matriarch of a family that runs a small-time criminal trade around the Ozark Lakes.


4. Aquarius — Jonah Byrde

Your zodiac sign is known for sharing knowledge and being known for wanting to study others around you. So you are Jonah Byrde. He is the troubled youngest member of the Byrde family. In season one, he is first spotted dissecting a dead animal, which doesn’t turn out to good.

5. Gemini — Charlotte Byrde

Your zodiac sign is known for being a social butterfly even if when you switch off you become antisocial. So you are Charlotte Byrde. The 16-year-old daughter of Marty and Wendy. She is torn away from a vibrant social life in Chicago to stay in the Ozarks with her family.

6. Libra — Rachel

Your zodiac sign is known for being well balanced and sadly kind of a pushover. So you are Rachel! She is the owner of a Lakeside resort who unwittingly gets embroiled in Marty’s dodgy dealings. At the end of season one, she ended up running off with £100,000 of the cartel’s money.

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7. Cancer — Jacob Snell

Your zodiac sign is known for enjoying your alone time, because of your little me list, so I could imagine you'd enjoy having your own privacy on the side of a lake somewhere. So you are Jacob Snell! He is a heroin farmer whose distribution operation was via the local preacher’s lakeside sermon. It ended up being disrupted by Marty Byrde’s arrival.

8. Leo — Darlene Snell

Your zodiac sign is known for not only being an attention-seeker, but you can be highly emotional when it comes to your reputation. You are Darlene Snell! She is Jacob’s terrifying wife. She killed the drug cartel’s mouthpiece, Dell, at the end of the season because he called her a redneck. It's not unlikely that a Leo would get swept up in the moment and someone would end up dead at their hands because of it.

9. Sagittarius — Cade Langmore

Your zodiac sign is known for being an adventurer and also known for getting yourself into some tricky situations if you don't think them through carefully. So you are Cade Langmore! He is Ruth’s ex-con father who was recently released from prison.

10. Scorpio — Roy Petty

Your zodiac sign is known for having an investigative mind, so of course, you would make a good detective. So you are Roy Petty! An undercover police officer investigating Marty Byrde.


11. Taurus — Helen Pierce

Your zodiac sign is known for not only being stubborn but a natural-born fighter. So you are Helen Pierce! She is the drug cartel’s lawyer. She has stepped in in lieu of Dell, to deal with Marty. Your sign can take the stress of being an attorney. You are a fighter and have a gift for arguing in court.

12. Pisces — Wyatt Langmore

You are creative and also have a way of running off when something overtakes your emotions. So you are Wyatt Langmore! He's the son of the late Russ Langmore, cousin of Ruth Langmore, and older brother of Three Langmore.

Not only is he academically gifted which led him to enter the prestigious University of Missouri, but he also took off from the trailer park after finding out that Ruth – his biggest cheerleader and legal guardian – was the one who killed his dad.


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