How To Clean Up + Spring Cleaning Tips, By Zodiac Sign

Take advantage of spring and clean up!

How To Clean Up + Spring Cleaning Tips, By Zodiac Sign Andrea Piacquadio via @pexels

Each zodiac sign cleans the house in their own way, but everyone likes things tidy and will do a deep cleaning during springtime.

Springtime is approaching and prepping for the upcoming weather can be exciting.

What are some tips for your zodiac sign to clean up this spring?

There are several ways to clean up during the spring, especially if you're ready for fresh air, the crisp blowing wind, and the smell of rain.


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Spring cleaning is an excellent time to get tidy and organized. One good way to begin cleaning up is to declutter homes. A clutter-free house is a happy home.

Spring cleaning is a tradition that allows us to tidy up our homes and prepare for the wonderful weather of spring and summer.


Don’t think of spring cleaning as a chore that can be a burden, there are several things you can do to make it a fun project so you can prepare for that fresh air.

Spring cleaning can be a fun experience. You can make it a family affair by getting everyone in the house involved.

Have each person grab a bottle of disinfectant and blast your favorite songs, then tackle one room at a time.

Another excellent way to spring clean is to change your lifestyle and clean up your habits.

Clear out that comfort winter food and buy groceries that will give you energy so you can enjoy that sunny weather.

Pack your fridge or plant a garden. Fresh spinach, tomatoes, avocados, and lemons are a few items that you should try to have in your kitchen.


Having fresh produce makes it easier to whip up quick and light dishes such as salsa or guacamole.

Food is our source of life so try to incorporate foods that will give your body the nutrients it needs.

Plus when you spring clean, open your windows or plan to go outside later and enjoy the cool refreshing air that spring has to offer knowing you have a clean house to go back to.

There are other ways to prep for spring, too. Throw out old clothes that are hanging in your closet, delete your ex-boyfriend’s or ex-girlfriends number out of your phone.

Buying real or artificial flowers for your home, so smell and color can add joy to your freshly cleaned home.


What are you planning to tidy up or organize when you clean up during the spring?

Here are spring cleaning tips to help you get tidy and clean up by zodiac sign, per astrology.

Spring clean up tips for Aries zodiac signs:

To clean up this spring, your fire sign should get rid of the vacation booklets you've collected and try a staycation.

Plan a spring break trip remotely using the latest virtual reality game systems out that will give your life the new and fresh feeling you want without blowing your budget.

Then, you can enjoy your birthday in the spring the right way, any time of the year.

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Spring clean up tips for Taurus zodiac signs:

To spring clean, you should throw out all of the problems you have and bring in a positive outlook on life.

Go for a walk, call an old friend or treat yourself to a new outfit.

Taurus, you are loving and give — people like you wear your heart on your sleeve, so enjoy spring by enjoying yourself.

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Spring clean up tips for Gemini zodiac signs:

Tidying up for your zodiac sign means doing a deep cleaning of your home.

Deep cleaning can give your body a nice workout.

Working out by cleaning between all of the spaces you might have missed this winter can make you feel good and relaxed.


Organizing the things that you might have put off this winter can bring peace to your home.

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Spring clean up tips for Cancer zodiac signs:

You love to clean up during the spring because your zodiac likes things tidy for visitors.

You love to show your caring and loving nature by enjoying quality time with family and friends in a clutter-free home.

Cancer, your zodiac sign should try to find new events and plan things to do such as hiking, camping and family reunions for the spring and summer.

You love to give your loved ones a good time.


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Spring clean up tips for Leo zodiac signs:

To clean up this spring, you should get that summer body ready.

Since your birthday is in the summer you can work out and exercise so you can get ready to enjoy spring.

While you may not live close to a beach or oceans you still want to look your best all year.

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Spring clean up tips for Virgo zodiac signs:

To clean during spring, you should let go of all of the drama.

Plan a fresh start from the time spent indoors during the winter and get things less cluttered during the spring.


Prepare for all of the positive energy that will be entering your space, which you likely started already because you're a Virgo.

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Spring clean up tips for Libra zodiac signs:

To clean up this spring, you should try to garden. Gardening is a peaceful and joyful experience.

Libra, you enjoy your peace and love the gift of life so watching plants and fruit grow into something beautiful or tasty will have them so excited.

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Spring clean up tips for Scorpio zodiac signs:

To clean up this spring, clean up your love life and try to bring romance back into it. If you're single, clean up your online profile and try online dating again.


Meeting people can be a scary thing when you are single, but you can safely put yourself out there.

Instead of meeting in person, go on video chat dates. You can enjoy new people in your life.

You can get rid of the toxic people in your life and make your spring cleaning about finding good people.

If you are married, you should take your spouse on a date in your own living room and clean up any hard feelings you two may have had during the winter.

Spring is a great time to get rid of any negative energy and make your home life super romantic.

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Spring clean up tips for Sagittarius zodiac signs:

To clean up this spring, you should get your bicycle out of the garage and make sure it is in top shape.


Your zodiac sign loves the outdoors, but spring is famous for rain.

Maybe buy one of those converters that allow you to ride your bike indoors.

You'll be prepared for exercise no matter what the weather by getting all of your outdoor equipment tuned up so you can go and enjoy that weather.

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Spring clean up tips for Capricorn zodiac signs:

Get tidy inside and by doing a health cleanse by detoxing.

Whether you’re detoxing for health reasons or detoxing old relationships from your life, both of these things will be an excellent start of the spring season.

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Spring clean up tips for Aquarius zodiac signs:

To clean up your mind and get creative. Try a new DIY project for your home.

There is nothing more exciting than creating space in an artistic way for spring.

Go and let your creative juices flow so you can bring in the spring in a cool way.

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Spring clean up tips for Pisces zodiac signs:

To clean up, get rid of bad habits. You should clean up your workout routine.

Try a workout class that will get your body ready for the spring and summer weather.

Pisces, you love to enjoy different experiences, so try a new online workout class when you can't go to the gym to make fitness fun and refreshing.


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