What Mercury Turning Direct In Aquarius Means For Your Zodiac Sign's Relationships Until June 2020, According To Astrology

There’s always a way.

What Mercury Turning Direct In Aquarius Means For Your Zodiac Sign's Relationships Until June 2020, According To Astrology getty

It’s difficult to always see the path through the darkness, but as Mercury turns direct in Aquarius on March 10th, we will be able to think outside the box and see that maybe it was never that complicated at all.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules our thoughts and communication, and depending upon which zodiac sign he’s transiting through, we can feel those areas of our lives impacted, especially our love horoscopes and relationships. But during a retrograde period, which occurs about three times a year, we can feel frustrated in our communication, and experience the unexpected.


But instead of viewing these times as hard times we have to get through, they really are occurring for our benefit. So, it’s best to make the most of whatever arises during Mercury turning direct with an open mind and heart.

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This particular retrograde first began in the beginning of February as Mercury entered his pre-shadow phase in Pisces, officially turning on February 16th. Between then and March 4th, when Mercury moved into Aquarius, we were asked to consider our feelings, to reflect on what our truth, and how situations or feelings from the past are important to our future.

Not a very easy transit, we were more into our feelings than we liked to be, and it was a confusing time to figure out how to communicate just that. But then Mercury moved into Aquarius on March 4th, and we became less emotional and more rational about where to go from there.

It was when we began to ask questions, aware that this is our truth and what we're going to do about it. Luckily, with the energy of Aquarius, we have been able to think more independently about what we want and how we want our lives to look. But we’ve still been in that retrograde type of mindset, which means that as much as we may be thinking of moving ahead or making plans, even making amends, we have struggled to act upon it.

All of this is about to change as Mercury turns direct on March 10th and enables us to put all we’ve learned into action.


We’ve all learned so much over the past decade, but perhaps one of the most important is that we can’t make others happy if we’re not. We can’t pretend indefinitely that something fits if it doesn’t, and, ultimately, we have to live by our truth, which is one of the most difficult things to do.

Yet while we consciously know this, it’s another to actually put it into play. So, we're still learning. We’re still figuring out how much of ourselves we are transparent with, how worthy we feel we are, and maybe how brave we can be.

These are the questions of 2020 as we begin a brand new decade, and with it a new promise to ourselves to not just do better but to be better.

Every single decision we make matters. Every moment, every choice, every conversation — it all matters. There's never a point at which Spirit sleeps, in which the universe isn’t watching, paying attention and guiding us. But that doesn’t always mean we make the ones our guides are hoping we will.

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We don't always make the decisions our higher selves want us to because while we all have good intentions, we’re also humans who are still learning the lessons in this lifetime. This means that while some would discount the past few weeks of this retrograde as nothing more than an inconvenience that made us reach out to that ex, it’s actually been a time of immense help and reset of our souls, but only if we let it do what it is meant to.

In the past few weeks, we experienced the planet of communication slip through the watery, romantic realm of Pisces, and the active free-thinker zone of Aquarius. This was supposed to reconnect us with our hearts and then inspire us to use them, to remember what sets us on fire, what connects us, what feels like home, what inspires us, and then to go after it, to seize it, grab ahold of it and live.

We get caught up in plans sometimes, and in doing the right and the wrong, so much so that we forget we need to trust that the path will appear as we choose to walk it. We don’t need to have every detail figured out, and we don’t need to have the approval of everyone or even be able to predict what comes next.

All we really need to do is decide that today is the day — today is the day we will start. This is what the next phase of energy is all about.


From March 10th-16th, we will be able to work with this Mercury in Aquarius energy that is about planning and thinking outside the box, before Mercury slips back into Pisces.

But this time, everything will be different. From March 16th-23rd, Mercury will still be in his post-shadow phase, which means things can still be a little hazy or slow for us. But from March 23rd-April 11th, Mercury will be free of any retrograde energy and in Pisces, so this is your second chance.

This is when you get to remember everything the retrograde inspired you to reconnect with, but this time, you’re going to get to do something about it.

Life is a process, especially in creating one that truly inspires us and is based in truth. There is no need to rush or push ahead, but enjoy this moment and make the most of it. Sometimes, it all does just come down to trust and a jump, believing that it’s safe no matter what happens.


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