6 Zodiac Signs Who Are Conscious About Their Carbon Footprint, According To Astrology

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6 Zodiac Signs Who Are Conscious About Their Carbon Footprint, According To Astrology

What is a carbon footprint? Essentially, one's carbon footprint is the equivalent of how much garbage you've left behind during your stay on planet Earth. We're conscious of it and we've been made conscious of it.

Global warming, climate change, the oceans, recycling, sustainability, no plastic bags — these are the words that accompany our everyday life now.

Some people don't care about the state of the world in terms of its health and resource; perhaps that's an older person's mindset, or someone who lived during a time when everything was about convenience and overkill. In our old minds, this land was ours to take from liberally, and surely there were enough planetary riches so that we couldn't actually use it all up, right?

On the other hand, the consciousness of the times has begun to wake us up, and though some of us are still living in the past, those of us who think to the future know we have to be much more careful about what we leave behind, what we do now, and where we are going.

Which zodiac signs in astrology are more conscious about their impact on the environment and are constantly learning how to reduce their carbon footprint in new ways?

1. Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Because Taurus is a sign that loves, adores and honors animals, you'll find many Taureans living in woke consciousness: they cut up their soda can plastic holders so that penguins don't end up with strange, deathly chokers, they refuse plastic straws, and they bring their own cloth bags to shop with.

While they might not take it as far as to go vegan for the sake of the animals, they are aware of what they can do to protect the planet. Taurus is a nature lover who knows what you can do and what you cannot do when it comes to taking advantage of Mother Nature.

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2. Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer is a true lover of the earth and will go out of their way to reduce their carbon footprint, if possible. We all grew up in the mentality of waste; however, Cancer is dead serious about doing something about it.

They are health conscious, possibly more than any other sign, and they love to exercise, do yoga and meditate. They do not see recycling or cutting back on plastics as a hassle; they are willing to do their part and become part of a conscious community of planet healers.

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3. Leo (July 23 - August 22)

While Leo is guilty of partaking in some of the world's most abusive habits, they are also the ones who get the most intense wake-up call for change. Leo listens when things get dire, and if their planet is in danger — as it is, today — they will rise to action.

They recognize the inconvenience of having to change their ways for the benefit of the planet and all of its creatures, but they like the challenge and are even bigger on results. Good, clean air and safe drinking water are always a sign of successful planet love, for Leo.

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4. Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Another animal lover, Libra is much more a friend to animals than they are to humans... and that's OK. They are willing to consider new lifestyle changes, and they are conscious of the mess they make while here, which makes them unhappy because, truly, Libra doesn't want to hurt anyone or anything, most especially living things that aren't human.

Libra is only happy to do the right thing, but it's always better when someone witnesses them doing so. In this case, it's an egomania that benefits the planet.

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5. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Being conscious of their carbon footprint works well with the Scorpio mentality; it gives them the control they so desire, and part of that control is self-control. Will power is what fuels Scorpio, and being that they are naturally caring when it comes to their environment, it's easy for them to adopt new methods and adapt to changes.

They are not locked into any kind of destructive lifestyle and seriously only want the best for the planet. They are very keen on prayer and meditation, as they believe that thought is creative; they heal the planet with their minds as well as with their actions.

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6. Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

Sensitive Pisces is naturally aware of the state of the world and is more than willing to do their share to rebuild what's been broken. They are the first to implement dietary changes and will go vegetarian in a heartbeat. They are also into following whatever is trendy, making sure the other folks in their lives pay close attention as they expect to work in a community of like-minded thinkers, all serving the planet.

Pisces is not concerned with being inconvenienced for the sake of the planet, and will reduce their carbon footprint within their own lifetime... because they want to.

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