How The Astrology & Numerology Of March 8th, 2020 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign's Relationships Until April 2021, According To Astrology

Sometimes we just know.

How The Astrology & Numerology Of March 8th, 2020 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign's Relationships Until April 2021 getty

At times, we over-complicate our lives because we don’t listen to that little voice inside. But as we near March 8th and two transits that occur on that day, it will be impossible to not tune into our intuition and act on its behalf.

The first transit our zodiac signs experience is Sun conjunct Neptune, with both planets in Pisces. This will bring sensitivity, emotion and knowing, which will combine with the second transit: Venus conjunct Uranus, with each planet in Taurus energy. And it's all about changes in love.


It’s no surprise that this year is set to be one for the books. But a big part of that is tuning in and listening to that voice we often ignore.

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In astrology, a conjunction is when two planets meet up in the same sign, usually approximately within eight degrees of each other. This close transit results in there being a combined feeling of the energies of both planets. Usually thought of as a positive transit, conjunctions are known to assist us with events in our own lives that we’ve struggled with understanding.

In this case, however, we have two conjunctions occurring, which means we’re going to see Sun and Neptune acting as one, and Venus and Uranus acting as another combined force.

Adding into the mix is the numerology of the March 8th. Just like the eight degrees of separation between the planets within a conjunction, the date these transits are occurring is also the eighth.

Eight is a number that represents abundance and good things to come. Combined with the number of the month (3), we get 11, which is one of two master numbers considered to be good omens of things to come and a help in building something new.

But if we also calculate the numerology of the date by adding the month (3), the date (8) and the year (2020), we come up with 6, which is a number that connects to our intuition — i.e., our “sixth” sense.


Understanding this is important because this is magnifying this energy of intense knowing that we have, but which we don’t always listen to. Usually, when we choose to not listen to our intuition, it’s because we’re afraid that what we’re feeling will be true; whether positive or negative, we become scared of knowing what lays ahead of us.

It doesn’t seem to matter if we get a feeling that we know our marriage will end someday or that we’re not really finished with a particular person in our lives; usually, we try to hide from either intuition. While this area of feeling can extend to any area of our lives, specifically because of Neptune and Venus being involved in both conjunctions, it’s unlikely we will see this impact any area of our lives more dramatically than our love and relationship sector.

The last time we saw Sun and Neptune form a conjunction was back in March 2019, which means we have to think back to what themes it felt like this brought around during that time. This doesn’t mean we’re destined to deal with the same thing we were back then, but because these two will always represent the same areas of our lives and only occur on average once a year (we won’t see the next one until March 2021), it's likely we will see a continuing theme.

The Sun is all about how we move within the world in a very external way, but Neptune is about our dreams. So, this theme is about whether or not we're creating the life we wish to live based on our desires and what we want.

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Currently in Pisces, this means there will also be a magnified component of this idea of our dream world versus reality, and whether we are really choosing to have it be one or the other when it could actually be both. Pisces also represents spirituality and unconditional love (just as Neptune does), which means that while we may have these dreams for our life, we also need it to mean something.

These wants or desires for this life aren’t based in ego, but in actually being able to make a difference in our life and in the world. This is looking at love from a very mature standpoint, which is not the same as logical.

To be mature and evaluate the meaning of love asks us to consider the point of our relationship. Is it just to be together so we’re not alone? Is it to raise children together? Or, is it because this person elicits a feeling in you no other has, and together you could create something to make the world a better place?

While it seems odd to look at love in these lenses, as we grow older and have our perspective widened, we’re also able to look at the meaning of love differently. And that's exactly what Uranus wants.


The next conjunction between Venus and Uranus occurred in May 2019 and only occurs about once a year, with the next one occurring in April 2021. So, this atmosphere these two are creating on this date is a unique one.

Venus is the embodiment of love, and in Taurus at the moment, one of her home signs, she’s all about love being what it’s meant to be: an amazing, beautiful experience. But Uranus has work to do on all of us.

Uranus wants to make sure we are where we're supposed to be and with whom, that we are grounded like Taurus, and we are setting ourselves up for growth.


There's no stagnation allowed, meaning while we will be in the prime position to evaluate our readiness for change, actually listening to our intuition thanks to Neptune and the Sun in Pisces, we are also more likely to act on what we feel during this time.

Uranus is known as the planet of shock and awe, which means, even now, we may not be able to predict what the future has in store for us.

But the one thing that is true is that our intuition never lies to us, even if we’re not ready to listen. So, it’s all really just a matter of time until we do, knowing that once we do, that is the moment everything will change.

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