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How To Use Witchcraft To Heal Your Addiction

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How Witchcraft Spells Can Help Heal Your Addiction

When it comes to healing from our worldly addiction — alcoholism, drug addiction, even a social media addiction — witchcraft is the last thing we think of as a helpful tool.

Frankly, we all need a witch in our life. In fact, if we were to reach far back in history, it would show that kings and queens sought out witches for healing, information on the impact of astrology, and to exact influence. 

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In 1552, it was said: "When we be in trouble, or sickness, or lose anything, we run hither and thither to witches or sorcerers, whom we call wise men...seeking aid and comfort and their hands."

The word "witch" is loaded with negative associations. In her book Witch, author Lisa Lister dives into the various ways witches practice the craft. There is one thing that we witches share — the ability to use our intuition to heal and bend reality.

"The witch was the cunning woman, the healer, the wise one of the tribe or community who could ‘bend and shape’. Yup, she was a worker of magic who was so attuned to her intuitive relationship with herself that she could bend the energies of nature to promote healing, growth and new life," the book states.

However, in our modern world, the craft has a new function.

I can’t speak for other witches but what I know to be true is that full moon rituals, casting spells, and engaging in healing practices require putting our phones down and using tactile tools to create magic. It takes focus and dedication to be a witch. 

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Some witchcraft spells are more complicated than others and require procuring elements that call us into nature.

A focused mind can become a peaceful mind. The practice of creating an altar to our ancestors, angels, or deities is a very old practice. It’s helpful to have an altar in our homes as a reminder we are not alone.

And although our phones can make us feel like we are "connected", it has been shown that many people feel more isolated than ever. The rush of dopamine we get from the beeps and clicks of our device sends us into an addictive cycle. 

The power of the craft is that it connects us to our power. We don’t rely on a like or a tweet to make us feel better.

Instead, we know how to brew teas with dandelion root, cardamom, and chicory to bring our body into harmony. We can listen to our bodies and use essential oils to bring them into balance. The plants are our friends. In fact, the deeper into the Craft one gets, the deeper their relationship with earth becomes. 

A witch is very in touch with the cycles and rhythms of life.

Many of us refer to menstruation as our "moon cycle" because like the moon every 28-35 days we cycle through phases. The more in touch we are with ourselves, the greater capacity we have to manage and balance addictive tendencies. 

Further, witches have a very special bond. We gather together in covens to review our spells, seek support, and practice magic. I like to joke and say that covens were the original Master Minds. 

These are the elements of the Craft that help address and heal addiction: 

  1. Learning and casting spells help focus the mind. 
  2. Learning and using herbs helps heal and balance the body. 
  3. Gathering together with fellow witches helps support feeling safe. 

I’ve been psychic all my life but it took me about 37 years to come out as a witch. The history of witches is women who were abused and killed for having knowledge. I’ve spent a lot of my life feeling misunderstood and feeling like I had to hide parts of me.

However, since claiming the title of Medicine Witch, my finances began to improve, my living situation sifted for my betterment, and I was able to aid others in changing their realities in a more profound way as a healer than when I was just working as a clinical counselor. 

Addiction is something that touches all of our lives and it is my hope that more people will step away from the "trend of the craft" into honoring it.

I envision a world full of woke witches collectives that bring women of all walks of life together to help heal communities, schools, and our political system. I view modern witches as advocates. 

We bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. And in that space true healing of addictions and pain can be realized.

It’s an honor to be a witch and to offer healing as a psychic medium.

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Rebekah Freedom is a Spiritual Adviser & Breakup Specialist who holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. She divides her time between living in Colorado and California.

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