What Is Witchcraft & How To Cast A Love Spell

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We have all seen Halloween movies and can easily picture a witch in our mind. You could be picturing a green and wicked woman doing spells around a cauldron or an evil high school girl determined to curse the mean girls with voodoo.

Who are witches, really?

These depictions of witches trying to wreak havoc on others are often misinformed. Witches are actually regarded as great healers around the world.


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Witches have been around since the earliest of times. Most witches work with to help others and the world around them.

What is witchcraft?

Witchcraft is utilizing your magical abilities to practice magick. Witchcraft involves doing spells, reading tarot, and receiving energy.


Wicca is often confused with witchcraft and although it is similar, Wicca is a form of witchcraft. Wicca is a religion and tends to be more rooted in religious practices whereas witchcraft is not a religion.

For a long time, witches have been able to use magic in their favor. They have the ability to use nature, folklore, superstitions, and ceremonies to alter circumstances.

Magic and spell casting involve using different methods to grasp energy, internally and externally, to promote change in yourself and your environment.

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How do you cast a love spell?

When casting a love spell, you must be cautious. Just remember, whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you.


With a love spell, it is best to do one that will not alter another person’s thoughts and feelings. It is best to do a love spell that is focused on you and bringing love into your life.

Some love spells involve a lot of ingredients and materials. However, you could do a simple love spell that works by setting your intentions in a candle.

All you have to do is express what you want to the candle. You can do this by writing a letter, ruminating on your thoughts, or even performing a dance.

Then, light the candle and when it runs out it means your spell has been cast!

You will be able to find many spells online and in books that will apply to your specific scenario. Before casting your love spell, consider what you should and should not do when using your magic to find love.


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You should trust that your love spell should work.

It is important that you put your faith into your spells. It is only when you think they are not going to work, that they will not work.

Witchcraft is all about goal setting, so set your goals and believe in them. You must put power in your thoughts because your thoughts can create the change you wish to see. Keep on manifesting!

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You should not dream too big when casting a love spell that works.

Witchcraft can do wonders, but there are some things it just can’t do. If your goal is to get Timothee Chalamet to fall in love with you, you probably won’t be able to will that into existence with a simple love spell.


If you are trying to use your spell to impact your relationship with another person, you should already have a good bond to base the spell off of.

It is also important that you do not try to change their thoughts and feelings. If you do a spell to get someone to fall in love with you, then their feelings will not be real if they are under the spell.

On the other hand, you could focus on allowing more love and good energy into your existing relationship.

You also must remember that you cannot change someone who is not open to it. If you are trying to do a love spell on someone in a relationship, it will not work and it will just give you bad karma.


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When casting a love spell be specific with your intentions.

When you are casting a love spell, you must be specific. Your intentions must be crystal clear because you get exactly what you wish for.

The Universe can interpret your spells in different ways and could end up being not what you had hoped for.


To prevent that, make sure you know exactly what you want and how to articulate that to the universe.

Be specific in your intentions even if you are looking for something broad. You should also pay attention to things that can help your spell.

For example, the phases of the Moon and certain crystals can be beneficial for the kind of spell you are casting.

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