Diddy's Ex Virgina V Claims He Abused Her And Forced Her To Get Abortions — All The Messy Details

The stories get stranger and stranger!

Who Is Virginia V? New Details On P. Diddy's Ex-Girlfriend Who Claims He Abused Her And Forced Her To Have An Abortion Instagram

She's remained out of the spotlight for the longest time — but now that she's shown her face, she's taking no prisoners. Who is Virginia V? 

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs — like many in hip hop — is a man that's insanely talented but also insanely troubled by a messy personal life (which, in part, is of his own making). He's a man that has several children with several different women, and was most recently in a long-term relationship (that he never really confirmed he was in) with R&B singer Cassie Ventura.


Not long ago, Ventura publicly declared that she'd not only left Diddy for his trainer Alex Fine, but that she was getting married to him ... and had a child by him. 

Unbelievably, that isn't even the messiest part of Diddy's extensive love life. Let's look at what we know about Virginia V, and why her accusations against Diddy have officially made her part of the Diddy story the messiest part of all. 


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1. Who is Virginia V? She is Diddy's ex-girlfriend who claims he abused her. 

In an extensive interview with blogger Tasha K — which you can check out above — Virginia V (real name: Gina Huynh) claimed that she was in a relationship with Diddy while he was still involved with Cassie Ventura.

Virginia V said that during their relationship, Diddy was mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive. She said that one time, he picked up one of her high heeled shoes and tried to throw it at her. She also said that Diddy once smashed her face so hard, he made her nose bleed. 

2. She also claimed that Diddy's friends would all watch the abuse go down. 

"[Puff] did this when King Los [a rapper known for dating Lola Monroe] was sitting in the back. And, when we got to the hotel it got even worse. He took one of my heels and tried to throw it at me. He like mushed my face like really hard and made my nose bleed. Every time me and Puff got into like fights like that, the only person that ever helped me was D-Roc [Damion "D-Roc" Butler, a longtime associate of Diddy's who did a prison bid for the Notorious BIG]. Everyone else allowed it to happen and look the other way,” she said in the video.


3. Virginia V also claimed Diddy paid for several abortions for her. 

"The first time was October 2014. Well I told him and he was like, ‘You’re getting an abortion, right?’ Then, I was like, 'I don’t know yet.' Then, he offered me $50,000 to get rid of it but I turned it down because I just loved him. I wanted to … I was like trying to prove that. I wasn’t the girl that wanted him for money. I just cared about him. I just wanted him to be nice to me that’s it," she recalled.

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4. Diddy was also allegedly abusive to Cassie Ventura. 

In an Instagram story posted shortly after she announced her breakup from Diddy — which has since been deleted — Ventura also strongly implied — but didn't outright state — that Diddy was abusive to her.

In the story, she implied — much like Virginia V did — that Diddy was physically abusive to her and paid for several abortions. She closed out her explosive statement by saying, "F**K these h**s" and flipping off the camera. 


5. Did Diddy break Kim Porter's nose? 

In 2018, Diddy's former bodyguard confirmed the reports that Diddy was indeed abusive to his past girlfriends, including the late model Kim Porter. Gene Deal, the bodyguard in question, claimed that Diddy not only broke Porter's nose (which was subsequently disguised as plastic surgery), he also used to regularly beat on his first girlfriend, Misa Hylton (and that abuse was the cause of their breakup). 

6. Diddy has not yet responded to the accusations. 

Diddy has not yet responded to the accusations of being abusive to either Virginia V or any of his other past and present girlfriends. However, we will keep you posted if, indeed, he does make a statement. 

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